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August 15, 2010


Hi Dawn!
Don't worry about the dentist! The way they do things now, you'll never feel a thing. The worst part will be having to hold your mouth open! You'll do fine!

my mouth is full of crowns, nothing to it, holding your mouth open is the worst part just like the other person said.


The worst part about a crown is the $$$. Even with insurance I still have to pay $$$. Don't sweat it, nothing like it used to be. Will be praying for calm nerves for you and a quick appointment.


I had a porcelain crown put in and years later it cracked, so I had a gold one put in to replace it which is stronger and should last longer since it is a molar. Something good and strong will be just the bling you need-Surprise-you can smile wide and everyone can see bling-that will be a good thing-maybe even coat it with dazzling diamonds! Ellen

Dawn I have had both root canals and crowns. Neither one is bad. I don't know how root canals got such a bad name, maybe years ago they were bad but not now. The cost and holding your mouth open is what you should worry about not the procedure itself. Piece of Cake!!!!

The worst part of a crown is the money you will have to pay after it is put on....:(. At my dentist it is a two part thing, go the first time for prep and impression, than three weeks later get the permanent one put on...no pain.

I had a crown put it back in March for the same reason as you; no problem, no pain.

Hi Dawn
I had two crowns last year put on. No problem! that's easy stuff.

Just hold your mouth open and breath through your nose. No worries you will be fine.

Crowns are not a big deal these days. And inconvenience, but little more.

One tip - if your dentist sends you home with a temp, don't chew with it! They are very soft and if you bend it they pinch.

I'm terrified of the sound of the drill (weird, I know; it's really the only thing I am afraid of!) so I always wear earplugs so I can hear myself pray and that really helps.

You are in my prayers!

I'll agree with the others; crowns and root canals are no big deal. My teeth are so sensitive that I need laughing gas to get my teeth cleaned but since they use novocaine for the crown, I do fine!

As for holding your mouth open for so long, my dentist gives me a block on the opposite side so I don't have to do all the work.

You'll do great!

I had one done a number of years ago and it did not both me. I am going this Wednesday for another one. Hopefully it will go O.K. Good luck to you.

Linda D.

I just want to mention, the video "Awesome God" seriously gave me chills! I loved it. Thanks for sharing!

Hey Dawn

Don't worry about the dentist. I've had many root canals and crowns and they make it out to be worse then it is. Once you get the novicaine, you don't feel a thing.

The worst part is if you ignore it and you end up with an abcess. That is painful. But the crown and root canal aren't a big thing, other then to the wallet.

You should have no problem with the crown. I think the hardest part (for me) is not talking while the dentist is working! The whole area will be numbed, so you should not feel a thing. The temporary crown will not feel like your "real tooth" but the real crown will. I will be thinking of you! Good luck!

Take the nitrous oxide.

Hi Dawn, First of all I love the photos of jessie. She has grown into a very beautiful young lady both inside and out. She looks so much like you!

As for a crown........Relax! Dentistry has changed so much and having had 3 root canals and crowns was a piece of cake. I always had a fear of the dentsit but do not any more. :) Just relax.


I have a mouth full of crowns, one done just recently. No big deal. And I have had several root canals. Absoutely no pain. But I still don't like having dental work done. A tip: I grab onto God's hand with my right hand and pray. Good luck.

Dawn, you will do great...once you get numb, you feel nothing and it honestly sounds worse than it is....I've got to get one and I've got several...even had root canals...so lucky!! HA

Thank you for your music videos...so inspiring and the first one is my all time favorite one!!

Dawn, I'm a Dental Assistant and I want you to know that a crown is very routine and you shouldn't have a bit of trouble. I have to agree with Stephanie...the worst part about it is the cost. I had the same thing happen to me several years ago...hair line crack in a back molar. So painful!! The crown was a wonderful relief and it has lasted me many years. Will keep you in my prayers. Dentisty is wonderful these days. Take care!

Not to worry, Sweetie! Shouldn't hurt a bit. Many people have commented about holding their mouths open being the worst part.... well, I have a "big mouth" and didn't have any trouble at all. You'll do great. Especially with all of us thinking about you and praying for you. Let us know that you are okay.

hi Dawn,
I've had quite a few crowns and root canals. the first one I feared but was surprised at the lack of pain. I have a great dentist and I feel no pain with the novacaine he gives me. The only pain is in the pocketbook if you don't have a great dental plan and having to hold your mouth open for such a long time. good luck.

Hi, Dawn,

Two quick tips: MP3 player and sun glasses. The MP3 player drowns out the noises, though you should have the volume low enough that you can hear if they ask you to open wider or spit. The sun glasses will help you feel less exposed and therefore less anxious. It will also save your eyes from the harsh glare of the dentist's overhead light.

For me, the worst part is when your face is "thawing out" and you can't eat or speak properly, and you're sure you're drooling all over yourself. Going straight home and napping or stamping is a good strategy for this phase.

Hugs, Dawn. It'll be a piece of cake.

Dawn it's not that bad. I've had a couple done. The worse thing is how expensive it is (plus the shot, I hate shots) I try to get the funny gas before the shot (makes it more bearable!) Ask if your insurance covers the gas first. I found out the hard way that mine didn't and I paid like 35.00 for it! YIKES!
Good luck.

Michael W. Smit is amazing.

Even here in the Netherlands we know him.

I love your work Dawn, thanks for sharing it with us.

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