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June 18, 2010


Awww! Such sweet, sweet photos and video Dawn!!!! You have to be oh-so-proud of your wonderful daughter!! Congratulations Jessie!!!!!

Congratulations, Jessie, I am sure you have a wonderful and bright future ahead of you. Thank you for sharing such a special family moment with us. I got teary eyed watching the video. My niece will be graduating next year. I do not know where the time goes....all the best to you and enjoy this very special time with your family and friends.

These are such memorable moments right now, enjoy every minute of them.

Congratualations Jess, alot of hard work paid off. Good luck for the future in what ever you decide to do. Can't believe Rich's Dad skipped the motorcycle ride....maybe he had a diamond he did not want to lose (LOL). Enjoy your camping and party, will be thinking of you all. Marls

Ohh what a joy to see! Congrats Jessica!

Congrats Jessie and family. It's always wonderful up see our children grow up to be responsible adults, Dawn, I know this has to be one of the proudest moments of your life since her birth was this. It's wonderful all your family could be there. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend with family and friends. Don't worry about the ring, I'm sure hubby will surprise you with a bigger and better one Lol!!

Congrats to your family! Enjoy the moment!

Congratulations to Jessica! Enjoy the weekend and the moments with your family because you really really deserve it. God is by your side so don't worry about a thing, just have a awesome weekend!

Congratulations Jessica. Enjoy your new journey.

Congratulations Jessie. I wish you all the best that life has to offer. Your boyfriend is sooo cute!

Thank you Dawn, for sharing all of the photos it was lots of fun looking at all of them.


Congratulations Jessie! God bless you and your family! May everything you work for turn out the way you need it to and may happiness and security be at your side. You have an outstanding set of parents that have raised you strong and beautiful and taught you to keep God first and formost in your life. I have no doubt that you will succeed in everything you work hard for.

Wow - you can just feel the love and pride coming from you Dawn.........enjoy and cherish these very special days........

Ken is kind of cute.........um 2nd look - VERY CUTE

PS you Mom looks wonderful and happy Rich's family made it



Congratulations on Jessie's graduation, and you hubby being home to see it.....It's great to see parents that are truly excited and happy with the accomplishments of the children.... Jessie has great things ahead of her in life..when she has awesome parents to guide her along.....also, you look awesome on the back of the bike....

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