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June 24, 2010


Wow!! That is an amazing likeness!! Dianna is quite an artist!!

Ow, ow, ow, OWIE is right!! I got one tatoo around my right ankle and I thought I was going to die it hurt so much. On top of the foot?? OW!!!!!! Crazy girls, lol!

I read you blog every day. Great work! Is Dianna a local girl for you, my brother in law is also a big Harley fan ( he has 3) He has asked me to make Thank you cards for him and I just have not been able to, I don't want them too cute. If she is interested , please check, I would love to pay her for an image.
Thanks a bunch.

wow those are beautiful tats, nice are work, who ever did them did a really nice job.

WOW! Dianna is an amazing artist! Her drawing of your hubby is phenomenal!


Wow! Diane's drawing is amazing! Congrats to Jessie on the awesome new tat!

She should offer that service and Shelli should make a stamp out of THAT artwork.

Diane is just.....WOW! how realistic. I think SU should call her toooo!

OMG...Diana is awesome!! This picture is a family treasure for sure!!

Dawn, I do read your blog daily, and enjoy it very much. I enjoy reading about what your girls are up to. Oh..Did I forget to say..I also love your creations!! :-)

Dianna is a very talented lady. She did a great job on the drawing and card.

All I can say about the girls tats is....OUCH!

Love all of your posts. Thanks for all your hard work.

Wow, you have GREAT friends and YES the first thing I thought was THAT WOULD MAKE A GREAT STAMP! :)))))
I love the tats, but I wouldn't go for the top of my foot, either, after having had foot surgery. Ouch! But, they look great! :)))

Beautiful drawing,... your friend Dianna has a wonderful gift, beautiful artist. The Tats are very pretty, but I just don't like them on girls. Too permanent, they scare me.
Sorry !!!

The artwork on both the portait of you DH and the tatoo is awesome!

Wow that is an amazing drawing!!! Looks fabulous.... she sure does have some talent!
The girls tats are beautiful!

Yes, I agree with you, Su should hire Dianna to deigns some stamps! Maybe you should bring the picture to convention and show it to Shelli? : )

The drawing is amazing! As pretty as the tat is - all I can say is that ouchy!!

Dianna is an amazing artist. What a great drawing and gift she gave you.

As for the tats, they are beautiful. They got an amazing artist too. A must have if you want tats. I want one too, but I am a chicken. I think I would need a little Novocain in order to do it.

Dianna, I can only say wow! her work is amazing. I love love that hat card she made, the embellishment how cool is that. and the drawing great job in the likness.
Your girls Jessie and adopted daughter... well as long as they are doing what makes them happy.. I just hope it still is a happy thing 2-8-27-50 years from now... LOL

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