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June 09, 2010


That was awesome!!! You have one VERY HAPPY hubby Dawn!!!!!!! You guys giggling made me giggle too, lol!

Wow!! What an awesome bike. Your hubby's smile makes it all worth while. Hope you have a lot of fun with it.

How exciting. Love and hugs to you and your family.

Congrats! He looks so happy! So glad he is back home!

Glad he is home safe and sound. The smile on his face says it all. Marls

Dear Dawn,
What a beautiful video. I think it is my favorite ever. Your husband is home safe and sound. You are all out together helping him realize a dream he has had for a very long time. When you were stopped at the light, and he turned around to see you... and when you pulled up beside him and he reved it, it doesn't get better than that. Enjoy getting to know each other again...ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!!!!!!!LOL

Praising God for his safe return to a happy and loving family (and a dream fulfilled)! God Bless you all!

I Love IT!!! Just tell me you weren't driving and videotaping?!!!! lol Glad to see he made it home safe and sound. God Bless the sacrifice you and your family has made for all Americans. Thank you and have fun ridin.....

Congrats on your new addition to the family! He looks like my hubby did when we picked up his brand new Harley Sportster Nightster in 2007. That smile is priceless. Glad he is home safe and sound. Now.....get on that bike and ride like there is no tomorrow! ENJOY!

So is home for good now?
He looks like he couldn't be happier to finally have that new toy--
Maybe one of these days, I will see you guys tooling around Grand Rapids, :)

First off I am very glad he made it back safely. Daddy has a new toy and he is smilin'! Now you need to get a jacket that say Biker Babe or Harley Doll for when your riding on the back!

Have fun and be careful out there.

That looks like so much fun and hubby looks so happy. Have lots of fun on that new toy!

You all have something special to celebrate, congratulations! and enjoy every moment.

Awesome! I came home from work today, and thought, I hope there is a picture of the long awaited bike today, and hubby. Yeah Dawn, I am so happy for you.

Dawn: Okay - what was more exciting...His arrival back home.....or......Having the picture of him smiling on his new bike? Totally took my breath away. Really really happy that you and your honey are reunited - truly had to be a day to remember. ENJOY Dawn - and may God Bless you and keep you all Safe.

Oh Dawn, We were where you are in Jan of 2008 when my Hubby got his Harley. Isn't it fun to see them get on it for the first time and take that ride? Just remember it's not the destination but the journey. So both of you enjoy that journey. Happy riding. Judy Balliet

So great to know that your dh is home safe and loving his new toy. I must say, the seat on the back looked kind-of small---hold on tight.

So happy for you and your family! Enjoy and be safe ~ see you at convention :0).

So Happy for you all that he is back home and enjoying life with family. Has he given his new toy a name yet? I can just picture the two of you riding off into the sunset!
Love ya
Debi Pippin

Looks like you all are so happy:) Ever consider a trip to the Sturgis Rally? Beautiful country out here.

What a great video. This should go into your family scrapbook look at it every year on the day he picked it up! Take a new pic every year to see the difference...

Love it. Jess looks great on it too! Wish him congratulations for me and lots of happiness with his new TOY!

That is one happy camper!!!

Now that's one happy man! Don't blame him, he deserves it!

so, Dawn, will you be a 'bikin' mamma'? I can'see you as one! great share, as always, even if it's not [in a way] stamp related!

Congrats and HAVE FUN riding! My husband and I ride a Fat Boy, but I've always loved the look of a Road King. Hope to see a video of YOU on the back, Dawn!!

Hi Dawn! I am so happy for you and your family that you are all together again. I hope he is home for good this time. What a fabulous bike he has now. Congratualtions! I love it!

All I can say is: :-) !!!!

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