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May 24, 2010


I'm also very sad about Lost. However, Flash Forward is pretty darned good. I'm hooked on that one at the moment.

I really liked Legend of the Seeker, but that ended this past weekend, too. After just two seasons!

I know your husband will love the card Dawn!!!! And as much as he'll love the motorcycle, he loves you and Jessie MORE!!!! You guys are what keeps him going day after day! Big hugs!

Oh! And LOST.....sooooo sad!!! I lost it when some of the reunions were happening. I couldn't have asked for a better finale....except to have the show keep going that is, lol!

I'm not a big tv person at all, but this show got me through 2 deployments and lots of "life stuff". So awesome; nothing else even compares!

Did you use a Stamp-a-majig to get the two halves stamped and placed so perfectly or did you stamp them separately and then trim them to fit together? Cool, cool card.

Who would have thought a motorcycle card could be beautiful? Gorgeous card.

When are you going to do the video on the Split Negative, Dawn? please, please, please do one?

I agree - we need a video on how you did this card! I loved LOST and have no idea what will catch my eye and heart like LOST did! I am watching the Bachelorette tonight though! Thanks for the share! Renee

Hope you show us how to make the split card...I can see using that technique for lots of other cards and occassions.

just left you a question. have you done a video on split negative technique? i've done it but doesn't always line up well...was wondering if you had any tips. thanks.
i enjoy your blog. stamping sue

Love the black and white technique. I'm also very sad that LOST is over. That was one of my favorite shows.

Great card. I keep looking to try to figure out how you did it so evenly. Hmmm...I will have to wait to see if you do a video! As for LOST, I loved that show. Every week I would look forward to it, watch it and say how much I hated it at the end of each show! Every week! It was a love/hate relationship that I just don't think any other show could fill. Oh well...onto America's Got Talent for now. I did really enjoy the final LOST show though.

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