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April 17, 2010



"Bye Stampers!"

These videos are SOOO FUNNY!!! You have to tell me what program she uses to make their faces and voices like that. Hilarious!!

Those Two Just Crack Me Up!
What a great friendship they have.
I really enjoy their videos and can't wait for the next one.

Shelli with an "I" LOL
Makes me want an "I" in my name. Maybe I can change my name to Mari :O)

OMG,too funny - TFS

My stomach hurts more from laughing at their videos than from doing boot camp crunches. My abs will be in amazing shape thanks to Jess and Ash. Thanks, Girls!! (uh, ladies, guys, dudettes, whatever ya like.)

OMG!!! Your daughter and her friend just crack me up. That was a really funny and cute viedo. Your daughter and her friend are so lucky they found each other ;-)

What a hoot! These two are so adorable and so lucky to be such good friends. Thanks for sharing.

I love watching these videos of your daughter and her friend. They are soooo cute. I can tell that they are really cool kids. Love your blog and conrats on winning the workshop of a lifetime.

Oh girls that was so funny! Dawn I see a lot of you in Jess.

those girls are a riot - I could watch them all day - I love their genuine laughter and good hearted fun! They need to make a weekly video - I would watch it for sure!

boy, dawn, you are so lucky to have these two girls around! i love the videos. just wish they could back off the nasal one bit. but they are so freaking funny. i think they should take this act on the road. virtually, of course! xo!

This is sooo funny! Enjoy them while you can, Dawn. Ten years later, I STILL miss my daughter and her 2 friends when they were in HS. The girls were here ALL the time acting silly and eating me out of house and home (lol)...BUT I LOVED IT! It is refreshing to know there are still GOOD KIDS around who know how to have GOOD CLEAN FUN!!!
Girls- I ENJOYED your videos so far...Keep entertaining us.

LOL...LOL...ROFLMFANNY OFF!!! I love Jess and Ash. Both of their mothers are lucky to have two great daughters. They are a HOOT, and so very nice. I look forward to all of their videos. Tell Ash I almost pee my pants when watching them. I'm with you, Dawn, most of what they say I can't understand, but I don't care. :) They are so hilarious.

Thanks Jess and Ash for making so many of us laugh till our cheeks ache. (facial of course)!!

Your fan,
Sassy Karyn

OMG those two girls are pee your pants funny! Dawn, you are so lucky! It reminds me of the days when my daughter was that age! Thanks for sharing!

OMG, The girls are hilarious!!! So sweet! They must be wonderful to have around your house!:)
I sure don't understand near everything they say, only catch a word here and there but still love watching them! It'd be great if they could publish the words along with the video!:)
Thanks for sharing their fun with us.

the girls are funny but I must be getting old (close to 50 now) I cant understand a thing they said sniff sniff hugs and love to all-

You two girls are a HOOT! And REALLY- you need your OWN spot every week, on Saturday Night LIVE! You GO for it, girls! Send in the videos! Good luck with that!

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