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March 28, 2010


what type of printer do you have... would love to have one that prints the labels.... as always love what you do....

Great pics dawn! What a great deal at SAMs! Only 10 days until Shelli! You have got to be sooo excited!

Such a great week you've had! AWESOME!!!!

You have a brand new award waiting for you over at my place...Come and get it!

Dawn what kind of vitamins do you take?? I want some you have more energy than six people. Thanks for being such a kind and sharing person. Your page is the first I go to everytime I turn on my computer. It just makes me happy to hear your entusasim even when things aren't going wonderfully you make the best of it. Way to go. I am Happy for all the excitement in your life.
Your internet friend,

Thanks for all that you do. I really look forward to your Sunday videos. They are so uplifting and wonderful. Keep up the good work.

Cute CD labels! The grammar freak in me wants to point out, however, that their shouldn't be an apostrophe in "videos" since it is plural, not possessive. Forgive me for pointing it out, but I know you want them to be perfect with all the work you must put into them! :o)

Can I point out "Danita Ramussen" that although you profess to be a "grammar freak" you used the word "THEIR" wrong. It should have been spelled THERE in that sentence...reading "..that there shouldn't be an apostrophe in"videos" since it is plural,not possessive.
I just wanted to point this out....due to the fact that you are such a GRAMMAR FREAK.
I love Dawn's videos...mistakes and all,it doesn't matter to me that there are ocassional mistakes made,none of us are perfect !

Continue to make your VIDEOS DAWN..We all love you !

(hanging head in shame)
Oh my goodness. I messed up one of my own biggest pet peeves. The "their, there, they're" errors. Guess my fingers got ahead of my brain there.

I was not pointing this out to be unkind and certainly not suggesting Dawn should not make videos, which I think was pretty darn clear from my comment. I just figure that with all the hard work she is putting into them and selling them, she will want them to be perfect.

I love your site, Dawn, and check in every day!

God bless,

Oh my goodness you all are to SWEET! I appreciate you all looking out for me. :)
{{ Hugs }}
Dawn Griffith


Thank you for your Sunday shares and all of your stamping talents : )


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