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March 21, 2010


Thank you for sharing those fun videos this morning! You are such an inspiration and I love checking your blog everyday! I look forward to seeing what you have to share! Have a great Sunday in the Lord!

Wow! So much to talk about this morning, lol!

Soooo relieved that your leg is healing nicely!!!! Don't forget to take ALLLLL your meds so the infection doesn't come back!!!!

It's so scary to think about "what if" last Christmas. Praise God the terrorist's plans didn't happen!!!!!

So sorry to hear about your friend's dog. Fur babies are so special and it hurts soooo much when we lose one.

You must be just squealing and counting down the days til Shelli arrives!! Ohmygosh, I can't even imagine!!!! Can't wait to hear all about the yummy details!

I will come back to watch your videos later. Right now I'm uploading my own videos to YouTube and it takes FOR-EVA!!!!

Hugs and have a fabulous week ahead!

Michael Jr is hilarious! I've never heard of him before. Thanks for introducing me!

My heart goes out to your friends. I cannot imagine losing my dog, she is the love of my life (along with my Fiance :)). So i cannot imagine what they are going through. My prayers are with them, and you :).

Praying for your friends during this sad time. My lab is my life...she's my third child and can't imagine life without her. Samson had the sweetest face...an angel.

So glad you are feeling better. I enjoyed reading the witness accounts of the Christmas flight, only because it was eye-opening. Wish it had never happened, but praise God the bomb fizzled. Loved the videos. So funny. Thanks for sharing!

Oh Dawn, please extend my deepest sympathies to Linda and her family. That was the same day my Cocoa died a year ago, March 8, 2009. She waited until after we came home from church to say our last good byes. Dogs are absolutely amazing animals!

Oh Dawn, glad your leg is getting better

I am sitting here with tears running down my face - we had the sweetest "little pal" ever and the same thing happened to her with a tumor bleeding into her abdomen....she just get getting weaker and weaker and we finally had to put her down

Please give you friends my best......dog'ss unconditional love is one of life's most wonderful treasures......



I just wanted to say thank you for your Sunday Shares. They always leave me inspired.

God Bless

Hi Dawn-What a story about your husband and his trip home. Wow God sure was watching over him and the others on that plane.
Hope your leg is better soon and thanks for the Videos. Love the pictures of your friends dog. What a sweetie. We had a golden put down not to long ago and it is heart breaking. Take care of yourself and give your husband a hug from a me. As always-I love your site and information regarding Stampin Up too bad you're are not closer to me. Have a good day and consider yourself hugged too!
Carla in WV

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