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March 01, 2010


What a beautiful idea Dawn!!! Love it!

So cool!

Great idea for a "jar". We have been doing this jar thing for a couple of years.

Dawn, Your jar is so pretty and what a great idea (I clicked on the link). I was, however, a bit surprised that you didn't use a PICKLE jar!!! grin...


I absolutely loved the book Christmas Jars. I read it several years ago and have given dozens of copies as gifts. Each year I make it a personal Christmas tradition to read a really good Christmas book. This past Christmas I read Christmas Jars Reunion. I think it is also an awesome book. You would love it. FYI your jar is beatiful and I am sure someone will be blessed to receive it when the time comes. Thanks for all you do to inspire others. --- Vickie

Your Christmas jar is so much fun!

That's cute!! Thanks for the reminder about the Christmas Jar. After I read your previous post about them, I said to my husband "as soon as you get a job, we are starting a Christmas jar!" So, this past Monday, after 16 months of underemployment... he is finally gainfully employed!! It's full time, but temporary for 8-9 months so far... but praise the Lord, he's employed!! I will get out a jar this week to start filling :)

Dawn love your Christmas Jar. A dear friend gave me the book this year for Christmas and we started our jar in Jan. Mine looks so plain I must do something about that. Hugs, Konnie

Dawn...I have followed you for some time - I am also a demo! But I just wanted to let you know how proud of you I am for starting a "Christmas Jar"!!! My dear friend Jason Wright wrote that book - we attended and graduated from high school together. He never imagined this would be such an inspiring book!!! So kudos to you...keep the jars coming!

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