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February 15, 2010


I LOVE IT - Jesse did a great job - you have taught her by example to be a caring person.

Love the card. That is so funny!

What a sweet card from a sweet girl!!! I'm glad your day was so wonderful!

This has to be the cutest card I have seen. Is it a Hallmark? If so, I certainly did not see anything like it in the store. I hope you can come up with a version of it. I don't know how to download pictures onto cardstock, so I'm sure I won't be able to do it. Thanks for sharing. You and your daughter seem to be very close and that is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Linda D.

Pretty clever of Jessie! Very cute!

AWESOME! Jessie you ROCK!!! This is so darn cute Dawn & so special, I ♥ it! Is this a Hallmark card?

I can't wait to see if there is a version of this that can be made for us card makers, if anyone can do it...you can. Look what you started Jessie, hahaha!!!

Please do make a SU cersion of this card, I would LOVE to case : )

Please do make a SU cersion of this card, I would LOVE to case : )

and I meant version not cersion, oops!

I love that card too! My parents got it for me for Valentine's Day... Thought about making my own version of it :)

How appropriate for a stampin' mom that uses punches....you have a smart "cookie".

I'm so copying this idea Dawn! Tell Jesse I said she's awesome too!

Perfect card!

how sweet -- and Jessie you did a great job of picking out this card for your MOM -- love the saying <3

That was so nice of your daughter.

Love that card.

I love that cards too!That was so nice and beautiful of your daughter. I like these cards and I love it.

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