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February 28, 2010


Tim Hawkins is awesome!!! Sounds like you've had a really productive week!

Any new word yet on when your husband is coming home??? I know you must be getting so excited!

The video is great. LOVED Jessie's poem. Makes me soooooo ready for summer.

A+ on Jessie's poem! Very nice. I was picturing each of those things as I read them and cannot wait for summer!

Poor Bowser, my labs sometimes have ear problems too, but have gotten them trained to lay on the bed for me so I can easily clean their ears, they know after I'm done they get a "treat", they are so good for me, LOVE THEM!!

Love Jessie's poem. She is creative...just like her Mom!

really enjoyed Jessie's poem..great work!


Really great poem by Jessie

That puppers of yours is too cute! We have a Chocolate Lab too and she always gets infections in her ears! Must be a lab thing...
Awesome poem!
Barb M.

Great poem Jessie. Loved the video too. Thanks for sharing.

Jessie wrote a great Poem and made a wonderful Video. I hope she gets an A+ for it. You're Sunday Share Video, was too cute. I shared it will several of my friends. I know that they will all get a big kick out of it. Can't wait to show it to DH. Thanks for sharing. May you always be Blessed.

Trish in Wisconsin

Oh my goodness! High school students sure do alot more than when my kids were in school! That video is absolutely wonderful. She should get an A on that!!

oh no, so so very sorry about your car, really and truly very sorry.

poor poor bowser, do give him extra kisses and hugs for me, okay?

Sweet Doggy...Nice Poem...

Hi Dawn,
thanks for sharing your daughters poem you must be so proud it bought a tear to my eye .
it is fantastic!
Suzie Qx

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