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January 11, 2010


Don't you just LOVE teenagers? Gosh, I wonder where Jessie gets it from? Blessings, MaryS

Dawn, this is hilarious! What were they using to do this?
Your daughter is beautiful, she takes after her mother!
They had me laughing so hard, just teenagers hanging out having a fun old time!


Dawn, I'm laughing my fanny off over here. Nothing like letting your hair down and having a blast. Loved it!! We don't have to be teenagers to get this silly!

Thanks for the funny share.

Muy gracioso el video de las muchachas. Me encanto. Dios las bendiga hoy y siempre. Dawn gracias por compartir tu hermosa familia. God Bless You!

Oh my goodness!!!! They had me laughing like crazy! Do they know that you posted this? they are just toooooo funny.

OMG I could not stop laughing, that was so funny, loved it, do they know you posted? what did they use for this?

Peg x

Ohmygosh! I laughed so hard because my oldest daughter would do stuff like that with her friends too!!!


They just grow up so fast Dawn. Enjoy every silly, hormonal (lol!) moment with her because this is your last year!!!

This is so FUN-O! Yeah... way to enjoy life and live in the moment.
What program were they using to morph themselves? Looks cool... Marilyn in Texas

Too much sugar maybe? Good to see kids have fun at home.

You just gave my daughter (6 yrs) & I such a gift. She woke up feeling grouchy and was snuggling on my lap while I read my blogs. She was giggling so much during the whole video! She really loved when Jenny was double and then Jessie's face squeezed in through the middle. Thanks for the giggles and the lighthearted moment that changed our morning!

This video made my day! Tooo funny.

I laughed so hard I have tears in my eyes. Makes me miss my daughters, as we would do silly things like this for entertainment. This was great...nice to start the day laughing.

Too Funny!!! Makes me miss my girls I wish I had some video of them doing some of the crazy things they did. This is going to become more priceless as time goes on.

Oh My Word! Can I say funny!!!! My husband heard me laughing and had to come in and he joined in the laughter....Thanks I needed that. I have been so depressed because I cannot find work and this just made my day!!!

They are hilarious! It reminds me of the silly things we did for entertainment when we were younger.

OMG! Stop it! My stomach hurts from laughing so much. This is soooo funny.

Ladies you rock. Many a day my girls had me in stitches and thankfully still do. Never lose your good humor. It had me laughing so hard it hurt.Thanks, Peggy

Oh my gosh....Jesse and Jenny are hilarious! It is so refreshing to see actual fun in teenagers! I love it and hope Jesse was o.k. with you posting it! LOL! Hugs Lori R.

hey, jesss here. the program is actually built into my laptop. its called dell webcam. nothing to complex. i just clicked settings, and started playing around with it. im sure whatever webcam program you use has features like this too :)

That was hilarious! My kids tried that webcam out in Walmart at the computers and we were laughing so hard that people started to stop and watch to see what they were doing. I love it!!! Gave me a good laugh.

This is so funny! To be young again!

I was watching this on my break at work laughing totally out loud! Thanks for the laugh.... I needed it today!

Too Funny!! They remind me of my best friend and I when we were that age.

Thanks for the laugh girls!

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