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January 22, 2010


Hi, Dawn,

I am embarrassed to tell you to what degree I looked forward to the video on this one. I tried a dozen different ways to put this card together based on how you did the previous card with the round sweet treat cups. Needless to say, I was stymied and frustrated because I could not figure out how to get the full heart punch to work in all of the layers. Well, duh!!! Sometimes I am way too literal in my thinking and forget to use creativity in problem solving.

You keep me humble and you make me smile every day, Dawn. Bless you for those.


Hi Dawn

Anyway to get this tutorial in hard copy form. For some reason on my MAC at home the video is slow and jerks the audio so it it so hard to hear and understand. I check my work site first.

Luv ya

You go girl!!! As always I anticipated a great video and you made one. This is a very cute card. I guess I have to practice,pratice practice to get as good as you. Love ya Carla

Thank you so much on showing us how to use the heart treat cups. I bought them thinking they were the cutest, but couldn't figure how I was going to make it like your other "secret door" treat cup card! Thank you so much!! You are awesome!

This is an AWESOME card!! Thank you for all of your great instructional videos. I took today off from work to begin working on my Valentine's cards and other cards, and am ready to get to work now that I have watched your video. You always make it looks so easy which inspires me to give it a try! I made two Lady Bug cards last night - they are so cute! Thanks, Dawn!

Too stinkin' cute! I, too, have shamelessly waited for you to post this video. All these steps, though! Whew...I'll take the plunge, though because I LOVE these cards. Thanks so much for sharing with us, Dawn!! Bless you!

I really like the color picks. Nice. Thanks for the informative video. You do do the best ones. Even I can follow them. Thanks.

Dawn - you never told us you had a degree in engineering! :) This is a super card! Wishing I would've got those darn heart-shaped sweet cups now!

Wow! This is quite a collection. Good work!


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