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January 24, 2010


Ohmy! You totally made me cry, even though you warned me!!! I'm going to use this on my Sunday post too!


Wow what an impactful video!
If people gave of themselves as Ricochet does.. what an amazing world this would be.
Thank you for the share
{2 tissue boxes later of happy tears}
Marilyn in Texas :o)

Amazing! What a great Sunday Share! This video touched my heart! Animals can do so much to help people heal. Thanks for sharing.
Kathy from NY

Wow! That is amazing. Not only the dog but the trainer as well.

I was very touched by the trainer who helped Ricochet find her true calling and the abundant joy the dog can give and receive as a result of living her life in its own purpose (that's a clunky sentence; hope you understand the meaning). I was also touched by Patrick (the young surfer) as I saw the determination and happiness with which he took each step on his shaky but resolved legs.

What a beautiful, inspiring, and tear-inducing story to reflect on.

Thanks, Dawn!

That was so wonderful.. What a great video for Sunday! I enjoyed that so much

Thank you Dawn! You rock!

Well, OK I'm wiping my tears too!That was an amazing video, THANK YOU FOR SHARING IT WITH US!! You have the best SUNDAY videos !

Thank you Dawn I loved it so I shared it on my facebook as well!

Dawn your Sunday video about the service dog was just beautiful. I laughed and cryed at the same time. God bless you

Dawn - oh my - so special - - thanks so much for sharing this - definitely a 2 box kleenex video

I agree with Sue, you have the best Sunday morning videos........


You weren't kidding about the tissues! Dogs are so amazing. They do anything you ask of them and all they want is love back. Thanks for showing that video!

Yes, Dawn, I cried. I'm a huge dog person, so anything that's about them, I watch. I don't think that we give them enough credit for their intelligence and trainability. Aside from being "man's best friend", they sure can change someone's life around! Thanks for sharing the video.

Sound like you are having a BLAST!
Can't wait to see this "Glamorous" card.

AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!

WOW!!!! That is all I can say.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! The song and the story was awesome. Still crying. TFS


Thanks Dawn, you made me tear up. What a great video.

Truly inspiring; the smiles are peaking thru the tears...Thanks for sharing so much with so many. Mary Jo

Great Share Dawn. I am a dog lover too and she is special sent from above..Didn't make it into the video 30 seconds without shedding tears. I've trained and know how hard you work but God had another plan for her!

As I was watching the video my dog got under the desk as always. The video put a lump in my throat. It was so touching! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Thank you Dawn for sharing this incredible video with us.. sure is a tear jerker..

You were right about the kleenex tissues...what a truly inspirational video. It is true about animals, especially dogs, they are a gift from god..

What an amazing video and song to go with it.
It was so impacting and what a mistake watching it before going to work still using tissues! I'm also a dog lover and cheers to the trainer for allowing Ricochet to find her true self:D I'm proud of her and Ricochet!!!

I"m glad this had a happy ending. I kept waiting for a shark to come up and eat her.

Wow, that is absolutely amazing!

Dawn thanks for the wonderful video. Your daughter is beautiful, but you already know that.

Oh my, it's hard to type with these tears in my eyes. Such a sweet video. Thank you for sharing. Now I'm going to go kiss my little baby.

Oh Dawn, you always have such great videos on your blog - but this one was a happy "tear jerker" - thanks for the cry - guess I need it.

Thanks Dawn, I love your Sunday Shares. I don't get to look at your blog daily but I always make sure I look on Sunday. Thanks you never disappoint. I was truly touched. Cried all the way through it


Thanks so much for the wonderful video. I've always loved that Taylor Hicks song and it couldn't be more appropriate for that video. Animals make our life so special.

Yea for the Dog and People connection!!!

Absolutely awesome.
Thanks for sharing that.

Ok now, im not one to cry to easy at stuff like this, but oh boy did i just ball my eyes out. So next time u say get the kleenex, i think i will, TFS, this was awsome!!

I had to watch it again, this time I could turn my speakers on at work and yes, oh yes, I did cry!

Forgive me for asking, but how do I post this video on my blog? Or, can you send me the link so I can copy & paste?

Thanks for all the nice comments! I'm Ricochet's mom! She has a website www.surfdogricochet.com. And you can join her facebook page too. I update it daily. Hope to see you there!


by the way the person who said they were waiting for a shark to come up and eat her just cracked me up!!

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing Girl with us. I used to raise Service Dogs myself, and we too had to release our first little girl due to hip dysplasia. Of course, when the Blind School asked if we would consider keeping her as a family pet we JUMPED at the chance!

We raised others that went on to become amazing "Helper Pups"... but our first puppy Shanti will always have a special place in our hearts. (And apparantly, a special place on the fireplace hearth, as that's where she's sleeing while I type this!)

Thanks again!

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