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January 10, 2010


Hugs Dawn!!!! I know those visits DO fly by soooo fast! More hugs!

Great rock band video! We're huge guitar hero fans over here. Jessie gets her sense of humor from you I see, lol!

Fun fun fun - looks like everyone had a great time - love the old doggie also



PS - Jessie is so adorable........

The love you have for your family is so great. And you are a celebrity. You and your hubby made our local paper in Wisconsin. Many blessings to you in the new year.

Loved it!!! So much fun. :)

Happy New Year, Dawn. Love ya girlie.

Wow! The Tangle Video had some real "food for thought". Thank you!

just chekcing if you got my emails? t hanks!

Sounds like you had a lot to do and a lot of fun while hubby was home. We also played Rock Band on New Years Eve at my sisters house. I need to get that for my Wii system it was so fun!!!
Have a great week!

Oh, I know those visits are too fast for each of you. Glad you were having fun though. NYDay seemed to be a blast - I'm not much of a rock band person, I prefer your christian music much better - but I'm glad to see all of you having fun - it does look like a blast. Prayers going out for DH for his safety while he's away. Oh, I couldn't get the second video to play.

Hey Dawn!

Thanks for sharing your holiday video. The dog is beautiful, as is the house! It looks like you all had a wonderful time.

Rockband looks like LOADS of fun and it makes me want to get it for myself! LOL! The dancing one; Jessica, by the Allman Brothers, is one of my very favorite rock instrumentals. I'm glad it made the cut! :O)

June will be here in a blink, although it won't seem quite that fast to you. It is tough to be in your shoes and sharing your husband with the rest of the world. Thank you both, and your family for the sacrifices you are all making to make this world a better, safer place.

Happy Monday!

Happy New Year Dawn, I love the video, especial how your friend express the rock dance.jajajajajijijijiji, I Love it.
Hugs Aurora Guerra

I can sure relate to the rock Band. I listened to the Wii at least 12 hours a day for almost two weeks when my children and 7 grandsons were here for Christmas. What I loved about it was how the children shared and enjoyed doing things together. Your video shows how the Rock Band is fun for all ages. Thanks for sharing

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