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December 10, 2009


In a word..."BRILLIANT"....thanks for sharing this great tip...remember when they sold big ones of those loopy things to make an inside out ponytail???


Love the colors and a very beautiful card.

Loved your video and quick tip. Your little giggle made me laugh. What a fun way to start the day. Your card was beautiful. I really like the colors you chose for it. 300 VIDEO'S. . . . . WOW!! A BIG, BIG, THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT WORK YOU DID FOR US. NOBODY DOES IT BETTER. . . .YOU ROCK, GIRL. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!

Thanks for sharing.......I always wondered how this was done...........can't wait to get to Walmart (of all places)

what an awesome tip!!!!! :)

Wow!! 300 videos?? That's just amazing Dawn! And a huge THANK YOU for all your selfless work!!!!

This is such a great idea! I don't know how you keep coming up with this great stuff!!!

Ingenius! Reminds me of the Topsy Tail from the 80s. :) Thanks for all your inspiration!

Such a COOL tip!!! I remember using these for my braces...hahaha (Hundreds of years ago that is...) LOL...

Congrat's on your 300 videos!! You do an AWESOME job and are so much fun to listen to. Can't wait for more videos to come.

Happy Holidays, take care..be safe.

Dawn ~ Thought you might like to see my take on your glitter swap. Here is my card.



Thank you so much for this awesome tip. The card you made is so beautiful...all your things are beautiful.

Greetings from Germany,

PS: I hope my English is not so bad ;-)

300 videos and you still come up with amazing and useful tidbits and bigbits. WOW! Thanks for sharing. Mary Jo

Shut up! That is cute!

thank you for sharing such a wonderful tip, you're so clever for using such a simple tool. You always give me a smile that lasts the rest of the day. Keep those tips coming!

best tip ever!!!!!!!!

What a hoot... and what a good idea. Thanks. For both the tip and for making me smile.
And congratulations on your 300th video!! That's a lot of work you do for us.

I love the cording effect with the ribbon. Thanks for the tip - it's so easy to do.
Wow, your 300th video - congratulations!

HI Dawn! Great tip! The floss threaders are also used for those of us that have any bridge work in our mouths.......(they actuall help to slide the floss under your bridge word to help with all thos oral hygiene issues that dentist love for you to practice. Just had to share my knowledge of these wonderful crafting (I mean dental) tools with the rest of the world.

Thanks for sharing this amazing little tool. LOVE IT! Kadie from Arizona

That is hysterical!!! LOL! And it looks fabulous! I use those floss threaders all the time and always have a supply on hand. Never thought they'd move from the medicine cabinet to my craft room! LOL...I'm still laughing! Thank you so much!

Unbelievable! Thanks for sharing!!!

Dawn, Thanks for the great tip. I'm always fighting to get it together. I love your card. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas and tips. I really appreciate them.

Thank you Dawn for all of your wonderful videos...you do a very nice presentation; very clear and understandable and I love your laugh! Congratulations on making it to 300 videos...that is quite an accomplishment!

OMGosh...how Kool is that, I luv it!!! You are so darn smart girl, thanks for the tip! Your a genius, now I need to go to the drug store to get some.

Awesome tip! I never would have thought of that and I used to work in a dental office!

Dear Dawn,

I am desperate to obtain that beautiful whisper white satin organza ribbon. It is not available to your poor Aussies cousins. (The US has soooo much more than us). Is there any way I could aquire some? Please help. Thank you, Leanne.

HOW FUNNY!!!!!!!! :) Hmm, wait till I ask my daughter for one of those! She'll say, "You're just trying to get me into stamping!" :)

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