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December 12, 2009


Hey Dawn,
I can't tell you how much I appreciate the detail with which you share your projects. As I'm looking for ideas, your blog with its wonderful videos is one I always turn to for inspiration. Thanks so much for your nearly daily posts!

Wow! 300 already. I remember you celebrating your 100th video. Man, time flies, congratulations Dawn!

I LOVE your blog. I check it out every morning to see what you have to share. I LOVE your videos!! You do an amazing job!! Thanks for sharing.

Congrats Dawn,
We can't wait for the next 300. Thanks for all the inspiration and your cheerful personality.


congrats.... I love you and what you do.... I think I found you just about 300 days ago and have watch every video.. most of them more then once... I just can't get enough... you are great... and I love that you share your faith also.... that is special to me.... thank you....

dolly from Florida

Thanks! for the wonderful videos!! and the great blog. I check you first thing each morning to see what's going on!! Great job--keep up the good work.

Congrats on your 300th! What an AWESOME day it was for you. Keep up the great projects I love them and start my day with your website everyday. can't wait to see what's coming up.


Dawn, Congrats on the 300 videos! I must say you are my favorite of all the TOO many blogs I surf each day. Most I don't really get into their personal part, but for some reason I feel like you live next door or something. I appreciate that you are a bold Christian (you inspire me to be better). Keep up your wonderful work!!!!

I do believe I've watched all 300! I check your blog every day to see what inventive thing you have come up with. Please keep sharing - it's such an insipriration.

What a wonderful milestone! 300 videos is amazing! And I've learned so much from you. I am such a visual learner so I love your videos. Thank you for sharing your inspiration!

Oh my goodness, look at ALL the comments!! Am I tardy for the party???

I so want that Snow Buddies set that I'm just jumping up and down right now at the thought of winning it, Dawn!!!!

Congratulations and a huge Thank You for all the hard work you do everyday to help the rest of us Stampers, Dawn. That makes us all winners already!! God bless you!!!!! And keep on Stampin'!

Love your site. Don't miss, I check every day and it starts my day out right. Congratulations!

Hi Dawn,

Congratulations for your 300 videos. I love to watch your blog everyday and i got so many beautiful ideas. Your videos are always funny and simple to work. Hope you will make much more of them. I wish you and your family a wonderful christmas time and "Gesegnete Weihnachten".
Bianca from Germany

I found your site a few months agao and it is the very first thing I do every morning right after I make my tea. I get up early but you always seem to beat me. I love love your videos I try everything you do. Please don't ever stop! I stumbled on to your site one day when I was down, I think I was guided to it actually and thank the Lord for it every day! You rock! Thank the Good Lord for giving you to me! Congrats on 300 and many, many more. Hugs, D

Dawn, you are truly an inspiration. I love how you share your passion for Christ along with you passion for stamping. God has touched so many lives through you. I hope there will be at least 300 more videos!

Wow! 300 videos! Thanks for sharing them with us. I really enjoy seeing tutorials. It helps me understand what's going on. Here's to another 300...+ !

Congrats on your first 300, here's to 300 more! I check your video's everyday, I still go back and watch 'reruns' hehehe. You are a fountain of ideas!

Congratulations on 300 videos and here's to many more!

I could spend all day watching your videos if I didn't have to work. I have learned so much from them. Wow! 300.

Hi Dawn and everyone else also...I am one of your video groupies!!!! Your blog is one that I need everyday....love your ideas, insight, family, humor and Sunday Share....thanks for the memories - and much success for the future.

Congratulations Love your ideas and videos keep up the good work.


I love your videos. They were instrumental in turning me into a cardmaker. Your tutorials were my own little workshops whenever I wanted one. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into making them.

Congratulations Dawn,You are the first site I go to every morning.I think I have watched every video and hope to watch the next 300 as well. You have been such an inspiration to me. Wintering in Florida is much easier with you at my finger tips. Good Luck and God Bless.

Congrats Dawn! I'm always thrilled to see when you have a video posted. I hear the "Hi Stampers!" in my head before I've even clicked on the link! I can't wait for next 1...2...50...100...500 videos to be posted :-)

I enjoy your web site. Thank you for all your great card ideas.

Thanks for the chance to win some goodies Dawn. I thank you for making so many videos you have inspired me to get out some of my old stamp sets and get busy! YOur techniques are very helpful and I love that you share them with us!!

300th Congrats! Love your blog and your videos are the best.

Congrats on your 300th video! I have loved watching them! Cant wait to see more!

Hi Dawn.....I just want to say that since I found your blog I can't go a day without looking at it. You're truly an inspiration to me. I've learnt so many techniques by watching your videos. Thank you so much and please keep creating!
Dawn H.

Dawn congratulations! You are my creative morning mojo. I rarely start a day without checking your blog. Your creativity inspires me and the purple makes me smile and think of Donny Osmond! Ah! That man can still shake his booty!

Hi Dawn!
I've been watching your videos for over a year now, and enjoy each and every one!! What a talented gal you are! Keep up the good work. And "Happy 300th Video!!"

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

Norma :)

Hi Dawn,

Congrats on a fabulous milestone. You've been an inspiration to us all. I love checking to see what you've come up with next :)

Hope to see another 300 more videos to brighten our days!

Happy Stamping!


Dawn, I've gotten so many ideas and learned so many things from you. I have your site marked at the top of the screen for a one-click and check it every morning.

Congratualations Dawn!
I love you blog and videos. I've shared with many friends and there are days when we have our morning conversation started with ..."Did you see the card on Dawn's blog? We've got to make it!"

Merry Christmas!!

Hi Dawn, I love your blog and I check it EVERYDAY!! I love your videos,You have tought me soo much, if I want to do something all I do is come to your blog and somewhere in it there will be my answer to whatever it is that I'm trying to do, Thank you so much. Congrats on your 300th and look forward to the next 300. You inspire me and many more, the world needs more beautiful people like you in it. Thank you for the chance to win.

I have learned so much from watching your videos and reading your blog. Your projects are wonderful and since I'm such a visual person, I love being able to see exactly how to do them. Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. I have been so inspired by you. My 4 year old daughter even begs me to watch a card video every morning. It is pretty cute...thanks again for all you do and I can't wait to see what you can come up with next.

Congratulations on earning your place in the top ten demonstrators. I can see why you did! I too, like many check your blog every morning to see what fun thing you have posted for the day. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to each day! Keep up the great work. You are truly an inspiration.

Always love your demos & videos- Even instructive to avid stampers!!! Can hardly wait for your new designs with the clear stamps coming out...happy Holidays Everyone!!! Kim (Ohio)

Hi Dawn,

My sister got me attracted to your website and I try to check in on it everyday.

I am a fair distance from you, but I love your website, and I love your ideas and find my self often referring to your site for ideas, and to watch the video of how it is done. You make my life and many others much easier.

Thank you and congratulations!!

Hi Dawn! Congrats on 300 videos, and here's to tons more!!! I check your blog everyday, and I'm never disappointed. You always bring us great projects. I also want to thank you for being so willing to share your faith. You are an inspiration!
Hugs, Anne Marie

Hi Dawn!! Congrats on 300 videos!! WOW!! I come here every morning with my cup of coffee and see what you have for us today. I just love all your videos. Especially the crafty ones. Like all the little candy holders and such. You are totally awesome!! Thanks for all you do...it is appreciated!!

Thank you for all the videos you share. You are definitely generous when it comes to your time! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

You do such a fabulous job of presenting new ideas! Congratulations and thank you for your 300th video.

Dawn - I'm so thrilled for you - 300 videos! Wow.. that's really awesome! I check your blog on a daily basis - it makes my day!
Thank you for all the dedication and hard work you put forth for all of us!
Hugs and love,
(happystamper 05 at yahoo dot)

300 videos is absolutely amazing! Well done! You inspire so many and it's always a pleasure to visit :o)

Teri xx

Dawn, Thank you for the offer and congrats on this milestone. I always watch your videos you link from your post and found them very helpful and appreciate the time you take to make them. Merry Christmas!

everybody in my house knows whose blog I'm reading when they hear "Hi Stampers!"! Thank you so much for sharing your love of...stamps, Christ, family and friends. You're #1 on my stampin websites! Looking forward to the new cling stamps -- I'll definitely have room for more stamp sets now! hehe! Congrats on the big 300 -- I'm guessing I have watched most of them. Merry Christmas!

300....that's awesome! I can't believe how much I look forward to seeing your postings every day. I've learned so much. Thank you oh so much for sharing your talents and your love for your hobby!
All the best!
Kathy Riley

Bravo pour tes 300 vidéos!
Tu es toujours une source d'inspiration.

Congratulations for all 300's videos!
I'm always to be inspired by your creativity.
Nathalieplioir, Joliette (Québec)

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