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December 12, 2009


I get your blog at night. Sometimes I go to bed with thoughts of "how can I do that" swirling in my heard. Love to see all of your ideas and read of your "adventures". Thanks for sharing 300 moments with us. May we and you share many more. Barb Rey

Wow!! 300 videos, you are one busy lady. Thanks for all the good ideas. You have definitely done well creating a successful business for yourself with something that you obviously enjoy passinately...it is infectious!!

Congrats on video nr. 300. Thanks for sharing Your ideas, keep up the good work.
Hope you and Jessica will enjoy the trip with SU! even thoug it´s without You hubby.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thanks so much for all your hard work. You were the first stamping blog I saw and was hooked forever. Your work is wonderful. Keep it up. Congrats on #300!! Wow.

Sue Morgan

Hello there Dawn! Time flies when your having fun right? I have watched most of your videos and love each and everyone of them. Love the Christian music too that you post! So soothing! Please keep up the great work with your blog and videos! Congrats on making the 300 mark!Can't wait until the next one!

Oh, goodness, Dawn - 300 videos! Amazing. I absolutely love your videos and got my niece signed up with you also and we talk every day about your daily posts. There have been so many wonderful ideas we've loved. Keep up the fabulous work and thanks so much for sharing your life with us.

Wow! 300 videos involves a lot of hard work, time and effort!! Congrats on this achievement and thanks for continuing to inspire your bloggers!!!

Congratulations. Thank you for the punches. "Love 'em!!" I hate it when I get an order and them am so busy that it has to sit there for a day before I have time to play. Can't wait. Thank you so much for all the amazing and helpful videos.

Congratulations Dawn on your 300th video. I hope to be able to do videos one day. But for now I will just enjoy yours. Thanks for the encouragement.

Hi Dawn! Congrats on hitting such a milestone. Wow! I love your tutorials & always find something I learn from them. Glad you're here to share.

Congrats Dawn!
And thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.

Dawn ~ I enjoy your site SOOO SOOO much! Thank you so much for sharing your joy of stamping and your talents with us. And thank you for the very generous candy offer. Congrats on 300 videos - WOW!!!

Way to go Dawn! I love your video's!!!

Hi, Dawn. I stumbled onto your site about a year ago and haven't left yet! I've tried sooo many of your ideas. You have the best videos of any of the blogs. Your directions are so specific and easy to follow. I feel like I know you!
Congratualations on your 300th! Wow!

I look at your blog almost every day. I love your videos and get such great ideas from you. keep it up. We love you!
debbi g

Wow Dawn 614 posts before mine. You surely have a large following and I can understand why. Love your videos, tutorials, Sunday Shares and your project always inspire me. Before finding your blog I always said I can't do that but now I can and most of all, if I do not have the set you are using I can figure out what to use in it's place. Thank you so much for all you do! Congrats on the Cruise and so sorry hubby cannot go but I much rather him be at his daughters GRADUATION...

A big congrats on your 300. Your videos are like having morning coffee. I watch to get going for the day. Thanks for all you do. You rock!

Tina R

Congratulations! What an accomplishment! I mostly love to hear your cute little voice saying, "Hi Stampers!" I also love your Sunday shares.


Congratulations on hitting the 300 mark!!! I check your blog first thing every morning and I am always amazed and inspired, not with just your stamping talent, but at what such a fantastic wife, mother, friend and all-around person you are!!! Thank you so much for sharing yourself and making my day that much brighter!!!!

Congrats on your 300th video! Keep it up...I have learned so many new things from the videos and look forward to watching them every time there is a new one! Have a very Merry CHRISTmas!!


Well, I just love your blog! Your blog (together with http://www.chicnscratch.typepad.com/) was my first introduction with Stampin'up, because it's not sold in the Netherlands, in Europe only in the UK, France and Germany. That's a pitty, because since I saw your blog, I fell in love with all the products. I manage to order some, but love it when it would be available over here, specially with all the new items comin up! So, thank you so much for the inspiration on you blog and all your video's!! Love Anne-Marie

WOOHOO big congrats on 300! Can't wait for the next 300! You're simply the best, better than all the rest!

You are such a pleasant inspiration to all of us! I look forward to "visiting" you each day!
Congrats and Happy Holidays!

WOW! 300 videos. I think I watched them all in one day! Since I discovered Youtube tutorials I have been addicted to your site. I check each day to see what is new! Congrats! and thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Congrats on your 300th video! I don't start a morning without checking your blog for inspiration and I always find it. Thanks so much for going to so much trouble for all of your followers. Can't wait for the next 300 videos.

Congrats. on your video's.
I check out your site every morning....keep up the great work.
Hugs, Cam

Dawn, I can think of 300 wonderful reasons to celebrate this occasion with you. You're work is a true gift and I appreciate you sharing. Congrats!!!! Lisa

Dawn, Congratulations! You are a reason why I even shop with SU! They are blessed to have you on board. Thank you for all of the inspiration, both with cards and for the Heavenly Kingdom. We don't always get to meet our friends here on earth, so I am very much looking forward to crafting with you in heaven!

Congrats - I enjoy your clear and concise videos. I am also a demonstrator, and have not yet attempted making videos--maybe this year. Ilene

Dawn, you are so AWESOME!!! You make the most fabulous things here. Thanks for sharing all your ideas.

I look forward to seeing the next 300 videos! Congratulations!

Thanks for ALL of your videos! I have learned so much from you and I appreciate your creativity! Keep inspiring us!

Hi Dawn
i always check your vidio's every morning no matter what unbelievable 300 video's and i went through and watched all when i found you amazing please keep doing them because your cheerful personality is just awsome god blessed us all with you
thankyou debbie

Dawn! Love your site, love your emails, love that you were pictured in our Stampin' Success Magazine!! I received it on your 300th party day!!! I read your emails and watch your vids just about EVERYDAY!!
Thank you so much. I feel encouraged and mentored from afar. Thank you for all you do for STAMPERS everywhere!

Hey Dawn,
Every morning I check your blog and see what you have created!! I sometimes even get up early enough to make what you make in your videos!!

Dylana Goatee


Congratulation! 300 videos, Wow, that's lots of work. I know I appreciate all the hard work and all the ideas, Thanks for the inspiration. Keep 'em coming.


Dawn, Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in to make your videos. I love all of them. You are such an inspiration to me. Thanks for everything.

Hi Dawn,

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 300TH VIDEO!!! Thanks you for each and every one of your videos, tutorials, and love we get through your Blog! Your testimony for God is beautiful. We are the ones who are truly blessed by you. Thank you for everything you do and share Dawn. Love, Linda :)

Dawn, sorry the trip for your family did not work out as you had wanted. I love your videos. Your projects have made so many of my gifts possible. Congratulations on the 300 mark, and I look forward to seeing 300 more.

Congrats on all your wonderful videos. Thanks for helping us become better stampers.

Congratulations on your 300th video! I anxiously await your daily entries and am so excited for you! Congrats again! -Jill

Congratulations on your 300th video. I love watching your videos, it is like taking a class from you. Thank you for
sharing. Have a wonderful Christmas

Love your videos Dawn...congrats on number 300...an amazing accomplishment and enjoyed by so many!

Congratulationson on your 300th video. I can't wait to watch the next 300. You are the best. Really you are!!!
Joan K

Congratulations Dawn on creating 300 of the most informative videos on the internet today. I love watching your videos and getting inspired from them. You rock girl!!!

thanks much

Congratulations on 300 videos!!!!!! We all always know who to look to to figure out how to use something - Look for a Video from Dawn - I'm sure she has one!!!! Thanks for always being that resource we can depend on!!!! Here's to at least 300 more!!!!!

Love your blog Dawn ~ keep stamping!


Love all the videos---so helpful!

Congrats and Thanks for sharing with all of us your wonderful ideas and talent! Your daily email is one that I look forward to opening each day...........

Check your blog daily and love your creative ideas. Would love to win...thanks for the opportunity!

300 videos! What an accomplishment! I think I have watched most of them - some of them a few times. Many, many congratulations and many thanks for sharing your love of stamping and your love for our Lord. Blessings to you!

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