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December 06, 2009


Lots of great stuff to share today Dawn! Your daughter is such a cutie like her Mom!!! Fingers crossed for your husband and I'm THRILLED he'll be home for Christmas!

Thanks for posting that about Christmas jars. I didn't look at the site yet, but I will. My husband has been out of work for 13 months+ now. It's been hard. We have had our share of "Jars" dropped at our house. Some we know who the giver is, and several we did not. It's been our church, our family, our friends, and annonymous folks who know we need the help.

My huasbnad has a very promising job interview tomorrow morning at 10 - if you think to pray, we'd LOVE it!! I am feeling very confident and peaceful that this is the job God has for him for right now.

Now that you have pointed me in the direction of this jars site, I will start a jar for next Christmas!! I can't wait to be the one helping and not getting helped! It's a blessing to receive,and it will be so much more a blessing to give!! :)

Thank you for sharing your creative and spiritual side with us :)

God bless you and your family this year!

Today you made me smile and it feels good! The video is wonderful and it brings everything home. Every word in it is truth! It is God's birthday and it is Christmas! I always say Merry Christmas even if someone else says Happy Holidays! Thanks again!

Happy 17th birthday to Jesse too! Sounds like she had a great day..

Will be praying for the family out of work for 13 mo and hoping that tomorrow's interview lands him the position. God is great and prayer does wonderful things for us.

So happy to hear your husband will be home for Christmas with the family. Keep us posted on his Embassy job application.

Have a great day! You made mine and it is still early!


Dawn - I always love coming to your site and seeing what you have to show us. Not only do you show us wonderfully creative cards and goodies but you show us inspiration, words to live by, videos and more. I especially love your Sunday posts as I have many times gotten so much out of them. I went to the Christmas Jar site and yes, I shed a few tears. I also ordered the book and the 2nd book as well. I have never heard of this but what an awesome thing to do. Many are struggling out there what a great way to help. I too will say a prayer for the above family that the husband gets that job :).
Happy Birthday Jesse! What an exciting year.
Thanks Dawn for all you do.
{{{{Gail S.}}}}} All the way from Nebraska

Thanks for sharing this awesome video Dawn. I am putting it on mny Facebook page.

Oh, oh, oh! We <3 ApologetiX!! We have been blessed enough to have hosted them twice in our small town - the last time just a few weeks ago. We've had personal dealings with the guys in the band and they are just wonderful Christian guys. I am so thrilled whenever someone "discovers" them for the first time. :) So glad you enjoyed their concert!

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