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December 26, 2009


Ohmygosh! What happened??? I didn't have the tv on at all yesterday....off to check out your links!

At least I know your hubby is home and safe with you!!!

Oh wow!! Thank God he didn't succeed!!!!! I love the picture of the two of you together, FINALLY, after all this mess. Why do people do these crazy things?!?!? So awful!!!

This is so unbelievable, Dawn. Jerry and I were sitting here watching the Today show just now and I looked at the tv and they were interviewing a beautiful woman and I actually said to Jerry "That looks like Dawn Griffith" and we both thought, no, it couldn't be!!! Well, it was YOU and I am so thankful that all turned out well for you. What a homecoming. What an awesome Christmas miracle for you all. And you are beautiful!!! Enjoy having Rich home.
Hugs,Cheryl Sims

I just turned on the TV and what do I see, but you. I'm shouting at my husband that's Dawn, that's Dawn. So glad your hubby is ok. What a scary thing. Praise God for His protection. Wishing you and yours many happy days. Hugs from another Michigan demo.

My heart goes out to you and your family, as well as the families of all involved. I'm sure you all are so very thankful to be together again. The passengers and crew were undoubtedly being watched over on that most holy of Christmas Days. God Bless!

Oh my, I am glad everything turned out ok. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the families of this flight. Hope you and your family have a wonderful new year.


Even though we've never met, I feel like I know you as I check your blog daily. I can't believe Rich (and you and Jessie) had to go through this - after everything else he has gone through. I am so happy that you are all okay and safe and sound. Hugs to you all.

God is so good! I'm so thankful for your husband's safe return. That's answered prayer.

oh my goodness Dawn! I am so happy your husband is safe. Hugs to all of you

I said loudly, that's the person that has a blog and quickly went into my favorites (you are one of my favorites)and lo and behold it was true. WOW!

Hi, Dawn! I saw you on Fox News this morning! I, too, recognized your lovely face and the sound of your voice! I would have screamed out loud but my husband is still asleep! Glad your husband is home safe and sound!

Saying a silent prayer of thanks, that all on board made it safely to their homes and loved ones......Rich, Dawn and Jess, may all of God's blessing be with you now and into the New Year!

OMG, thankfully it is all ok now. Enjoy his being home. It sure does put a different spin on our blessings..


I was thinking about you yesterday and didn't have a chance to get on the computer. What a crazy experience and Christmas day you had! Thank God the terrorist's plot failed and your husband is home safe. That just brought tears to my eyes - can't imagine waiting for your hubby and then finding out he was in such a scary situation. I'm sure this makes him want to fight for our country even more! God Bless your husband, you, and your family. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a safe, Happy New Year!

Dawn, When I saw you on tv, I thought OMG! That's a SU demonstator--I started saying a little prayer for you and your family. I got onto your website this morning to see if you had posted anything, and was thankful your family is safe and sound. What a blessing! God bless and give that hubby a BIG HUG & KISS!!
I hope your New Year's Eve is less stressful!

Dawn - I follow your blog from Washington DC and I'm just so thankful that your husband and those other passengers made it home okay. God was certainly watching out for all of them. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

So thankful your family is together & safe. I haven't watched any news for the past few days, so I missed seeing it all. Thanks be to God for the blessing He gave you!

I just turned on the TV this morning and a second later there you were. I had to rewind it and watch it again! You looked beautiful as always!!!

Last night my hubby had on the news while I checked out my favorite blogs and all of the sudden I heard your voice. From watching all your videos I knew it was you! I looked up and saw you and told my husband "I just read her blog! Her husband is coming home today!"

I'm so glad that everyone is okay - God is good!

Merry Christmas to you and your family, and God Bless your husband for all he does for each of us!

PTL your husband is safe. As I saw you on the news, I thought, "I know her" ... is that your "free" video for the day? I follow your blog daily ... you are a wonderful inspiration.

So glad to know everything turned out ok. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

I recognized you on the news clip shown on our local station and had to check your blog to make sure everything was okay! Glad that your husband and the plane arrived safely. Truly it was a flight that God was watching over!

OMGosh Dawn! I couldn't believe when I saw you on our news in Milwaukee! I, like everyone else, had to check out your blog for details. I am so glad that Rich is okay and you were finally able to celebrate Christmas together.
Enough of the scary trama already!

Best Wishes!


Dawn-I saw that face and thought "I know her-it's our Dawn"
God is so very good- all those prayers we have offered on your husband's behalf- HE IS FAITHFUL!!
Sue Bee

Just absolutely AMAZING!

I was right!!!! When I was watching the news and they interviewed you, I said to my hubby that looks just like the lady on one of the blogs I visit regularly. Thank GOD everyone is alright and your hubby made it home. Praise the Lord!

So thankful your husband is safe and home with you. We were watching the story last night and I thought you looked familiar and realized it was you (I have only seen your picture on your blog) I was an F/A for Delta for 18 years and the crews are very well trained for this kind of situitation. I am happy it ended well and no one was hurt. Have a Happy New Year with your family and a safe return for your husband if he has to go back after the holidays.

Just wanted to let you know that Jessie made the front page of our paper today 12-26-09. The paper is the News and Observer in Raleigh, NC. I am so sorry it took so long for your Christmas with your hubby to start. But thank God he was safe and you're together. A Christmas blessing for sure.

Dawn, if you can find humor in all this....my Hubby and I were watching TV and I saw you and your name went blank outta my mind! Hubbie says "HEY...its the HI STAMPERS demonstrator!!!"

Thank goodness everything turned out the way it did. It truly was a Christmas miracle!

Merry Christmas Dawn! I follow your blog and you tube videos, when I saw you on CNN news I jumped up and said "OMG, I know her!" I am so glad everyone is OK, what a horrible experience!I'm glad everyone is OK.

Lorri in Canada

Your picture (& Rich) made the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel also! I didn't see you on the news, but while catching up with the papers this morning, I recognized your photo and then looked at your name! WOW! You're truly blessed this Christmas. An angel was looking out for your hubby. All the best.

Oh my gosh! I never connected the flight with you and your family. I am so glad that your husband arrived home with you safely. What a blessing for you. Cherish every day with him.

Dawn, so glad things turned out fine! My husbands nephew and his wife were also on that flight! We heard about it from my husbands sister after talking to her son! Praise God indeed!
Ilene B.

Oh Dawn! This is so incredible! God certainly WAS watching over you and I am so glad you are all together safe and sound!!! Like everyone else...never met you but feel you are a friend and care about you and your family. Have a wonderful time together and if you ever let go of him, know that we are watching!

You are all in my prayers, Dawn. What an incredible story. It is at times like this that we truly realize God's presence in our lives. I am so happy that you are all together and safe and that you can spend time together enjoying life's blessings. Thinking of you.

So thankful everyone is safe! The Lord was watching over everyone for sure! This gives me goosebumps everytime I read it! I'm happy your husband is home, SAFE with you and your daughter (and doggie too)!

Hi Dawn, I just read your blog today (Dec, 26) and was shocked at what you had to go through on Christmas day. I had seen news stories about that incident but I didn't see you interviewed so I had no idea that your husband was on that flight. I come to your blog every day from Ontario, Canada and my husband also recognizes your voice and your famous greeting of "Hi Stampers!" I'm so thankful that everything turned out great for your family. God bless you all.

Thank God your husband is ok! We had company all day yesterday Christmas day and never once turned on the TV or even listen to the radio. I turned on the pc today and the first thing I see on yahoo.com is this news and thought of you right away. How scary for you all and the rest of the passengers. Thankfully you'll get to spend the rest of the Christmas holiday with your husband and daughter, all healthy and happy. Merry Christmas!

OMG, Dawn! I am so glad to hear that Rich is home safe with you and Jessie. I didn't watch the news yesterday and had no idea. God was with your family yesterday! Merry Christmas. Hold your loved ones close.

Thank God everything is okay: Rich and the other passengers are safe, and the attempt was foiled. Praise the Lord!
Hugs and prayers for everyone involved... although everything ended up okay, it still must have been a terrifying ordeal to go through.
Christmas blessings,

So glad he is home safe and sound with you. Makes you feel even more blessed. Isn't God wonderful, he was watching over him. It will make the time you have while he is home even more special. So thankful everything turned out well for you and your family.

Dawn I can't imagine how you were feeling at the airport waiting and then realizing something was very wrong. I saw it on the news last night, but didn't see your interview. Praise God for your joyous reunion. What a special Christmas for all of you. I'm so glad Rich and all the passengers and staff arrived safely. Thanking God for watching over all of you.
Christmas Blessings and Hugs, Konnie

OMG....I wasn't on the computer all day and didn't listen to the news until after my daughter left for the day I checked emails and yahoo had a story about someone letting of a firecracker...I closed up my email and went to bed. I received your blog update this morning and omg your hubby was on that plane....thank goodness everything turned out okay!!! Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you guys. Enjoy the rest of his stay..

Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year!!!

Inky Hugs,

I saw you on t.v and said a prayer for you! I am so glad you are okay! How scary! I'm glad that everyone is okay.!!!!

Have a most wonderful new year!!


Dear Dawn,
I had kept the tv off during Christmas so I hadn't seen the news. This morning I woke up with a little headache so I headed down to get the ice pack and plunked down on the couch. Grabbed the clicker with the thought of catching up on news and THERE YOU WERE! I will take some time to go through your links and read additional comments. Thankful your husband, other passengers and crew are safe. God allows some awesome experiences as we walk toward our destiny. Enjoy your Christmas with family and friends, lorijane
The only excitement here was a blizzard that never really happened. Everything was canceled for a big pile of SLUSH! Chat again soon!

So glad everything ended up OK. When I saw you on TV my first thought was there was some mix up in the video world and you were going to start with Hi Stampers! Couldn't believe your husband was on the flight. A Merry Christmas for sure that everyone got off safely!

What a scary thing!!! I was so shocked first off to see you on the news from having visited your blog and watching your videos and then realizing that you were waiting for your hubby for Christmas. How grateful you must be to have him home to celebrate and that it's just not over there that terror exists!!!
Merry Christmas to you all.

So glad to hear that all is okay. I saw you all the way from Canada!! I pointed at the tv and said "that's dawn!!" my husband thought I was nuts! LOL
A merry christmas to you and family - I am glad you are all safe!!
PS: I love watching your tutorials!! :)

Wow, Dawn! Saw a glimpse of the story via a Yahoo news headline. So glad your hubby finally made it home safely!

I saw you on the news as I am from Florida and I thought no way, it can't be Dawn but saw your comment. Wow, praise God that nothing was serious!

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