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November 01, 2009


Dawn, listen your Sunday share was ......catching. I caught it long ago. It was brillant, thanks for sharing with us. I could not resist the first line, sorry ;-). So glad Jessie's friend has their church back. Fire is awful. Have a great week, Marls

OH MY GOODNESS!! That is such a fabulous video and it had me just rolling!! Great share Dawn!!!!!!


I just made a wonderful banana bread, took it out of the oven before it got over cooked...after one bite, realized I forgot to add the sugar...still in the measuring cup sitting on the counter!!!My name is Rebecca, I am 52...and I FORGET THINGS!

thanks for the laugh. I'm only 38 and get my kids names mixed up. I'll go into a room and forgot why I came into the room.

OMGosh! That video is one of the funniest you have ever posted. I'm 57 and rolling on the floor laughing. Sometimes I get upset when I get up and walk into another room and can't remember what I needed....now I can think of this video and just laugh it off.

You are such a hoot too. :)

So glad Jessie's friends church is reopening.

Happy Sunday and thanks for always sharing your talents and your wonderful videos.

Always your fan,
Karyn D.
Port of Los Angeles (where it never snows & seldom rains)!!

OMGoodness! That is one funny video, gotta see about sharing that with my facebook friends. It is soooooooo me!

Thats for the laugh! I am in my fifties too - and am always forgetting something.

OH my, my, that's me. I'm on overload. That's what happens, trying to do too many things in a day. I have to learn to relax more. It could get worse. This was so true and funny to watch.

Blessings to the church rebuilding again.
Thanks for sharing Dawn.

Too funny!......and too true!

Awww...what a cute little doggie! Does he actually know he's a dog or hasn't he been told yet? :-) Animals are just the best!!

Yes, I can relate to all of it! I'm to the stage where if I can't remember the word I simply try to mime or use hand signs to relay my message. Most people can understand scissors, tape, and glasses. Thanks for the laugh and sharing. Mary Jo

hahaa, that is funny. I am 45 years old today (!!!) and I forget things all the time. Also loved the pic of your dog. My dog makes me laugh all the time. hehehe. Aren't pets the best thing ever? They bring such joy to our lives.

Hi Dawn
Great video my hubby is so forgetfull
all the time , waiting to show this to him have a great day

ROFLMBO! Oh no, this one hits WAY WAY too close to home...lol!
Tooooo funny!

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