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November 20, 2009


That is ADORABLE!!!! I think I will have to try these for little stocking stuffers this year. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Dawn and Kristy.


what a cute idea!

Love it!!! What a fabulous idea, AND I love the idea of coloring the ribbon!!!!! I have tons of that white ribbon because I love it so much and now I love it even more!

Stampin Up! ROCKS!!!!

You could put them in a flower pot (like the pens) and they would look so cute! Thanks for showing it Dawn!

As always, a great, precise video...I have learned so much from watching you. Plus, how you color the ribbon is so good to know. I thought it was a really involved process. I can color ribbon now. :-)
As always, thanks for sharing... and thanks to Kristy also.

What an adorable idea!! Thank you Dawn for the video and thank you Kristy for the idea and letting Dawn do a video. I am so going to make some of these.

Oh my goodness..those are so gosh darn cute! I have to make some of these!!!!! Wouldn't they be great for co-workers or teacher gifts?!!

Thanks Dawn for another fantastic video tutorial!!! As you like to say....

LOVE IT!!!!!!! ;)

Lisa Sturgill

As by DD would say, OMIJONAS! Imagine, at a bridal or baby shower, a vase with these in it as a centerpiece, then each person at the table could take one as a favor! Too cute!

Hi Dawn,

I love your adorable little lollipop candles! Terrific job on them, kiddo! :o)
Check out the added touch I gave some tea lights:


Lori J.K.

Thank you! I sell Northern Lights at Home candles and this will be my new Hostess thank you gift!

Oh my Dawn this is so cute! I am thinking of all the things you could do flowers...Snowman! Thank you for sharing...
Thank you Kristy too!

Thank you....This is sooooo cute. I must try this.

These are really cute...I've made these with our Mia Melts..have you ever heard of them before? This is what I'm talking about...
Thanks Dawn...

Love this cute idea. Could you please tell me how long the lollipop sticks are?

Thanks for the great idea!! I will make these for my mom's red hat group. Where did you get the colored votives. I have never seen anything other than white before.


Believe it or not some recipients will not realize the plastic candle holder has to be removed .

Hi Dawn, This is my first time writing you, but definitely not my first time visiting you on your websites. I love your videos, they are so easy to follow. Thanks for going to all that work.
I have just tried one of these candle lollipops, and since I don't have a glue gun...I got the idea of flattening one end of the stick with a hammer. I then used my double sided tape to attach it to the back of the tea light, and with the circle on top of that it sticks very well. Just thought I would pass that along. Have a great day, Barb.

It's really cute idea! Great!!

wow, this is an incredible idea. For some thriving fashion bloggers who are very unlikely to get a chance to attend some big fashion shows, much more sitted front row, this is an experience. Thanks for this info. I've bookmarked your site. There are a lot of informative posts here ;)

CUTE! Thanks Dawn! :)

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