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October 10, 2009


Bless your heart!! Your poor voice! Really wonderful video as always Dawn! And as much as I love, love, love watching them, don't strain yourself, ok??


Dawn, so glad for the video, but your poor voice! I miss the videos but take care of yourself First! Maybe we should have silent videos, like silent movies! You are such a talented lady, and a blessing to us all.

What a neat way to use the shimmer paint & a great look for a card.
Dawn you did a great job on the video but you should really rest your voice. I know it has been 17 days but rest up girlie as we want to hear your sparkly voice in full.
Keep up the great work & TFS.....Barb Nesplic

Dawn, that was a great video on shimmer paint. I just worry about your voice. Please don't strain it, it will only take longer to get it back. Just rest, rest, rest the voice. I know that you don't want to hear that but it is the truth. Take care and get better. God bless! Sheila

Big Hugs love!! I agree don't strain your voice and drink since warm liquids! We all love ya! thank you so much for making a video for us to ohhh and ahhh about! :)

sooooo good to hear you Dawn your prayers are working my right arm is slowly getting better....thanks for the great video!
love DD

Can't imagine being without a voice for 17 days! Thanks for the video...now rest and get better!! We want that giggly laugh back.

Hi Dawn, I have a question, you said that you can do the same thing with pearl-x powder. Do I still use it with alachol, or do I use water.

SO SORRY about your voice; but VERY glad you made the video! That is a great technique, and I would NOT have thought of doing it! Your cards are beautiful, and I must try using the paint in the spray bottle like you did. Sure do hope you get your voice back soon...that must be extremely frustrating! Blessings to you, and have a fun weekend! :D

Poor you! I hope your voice is back soon. I love the technique with the Shimmer Paint. I have my bottles ready to mix and will be adding that special shimmer soon. Thanks for sharing. Take care!!!

Thanks for another great video Dawn......but we could have waited until you are all better!!! Rest up sweetie xxxx

Thanks for the video, but I agree with the previous posters that you need to rest your voice until you have your giggle back! Love ya!

Dawn! This is nice, but you should have either waited or had Jess do the video! Get better, girl!

Oh Dawn, so good to hear your sweet voice! I'm glad your feeling better and able to resume your videos! Friend you were missed! Great thank you cards! I have both Perfect Pearls and Pearl Ex. Can I use either of these like you have done with the Shimmer Paints? Take care! Cheryl

I hope your voice is back to normal soon, but you should still be resting your voice. Thanks anyway for the video, I was having Dawn video withdrawals! Get well!

Thank you Dawn for being so nice to make us a video when you're voice is still on the fritz..you know you COULD just use the Elvis music and type the word like a silent movie..lol! Love the shimmer paint formula, thank you and REST that voice!
God Bless

Bless your heart.. Thanks for the video, that had to be hard. None the less it is a great technique. I will put this on my next order... yea me! Yea you for doing a video, now rest you voice... again.. mercy-- prayers are still going forth on your behalf. hugs cyn

Thanks for the tutorial. Finally had to try that technique for myself, and like you had to add just a little more shimmer. Beautiful! Now, rest that voice!!

Thanks for the video! Hope that wasn't painful for you. Your video's are the first ones I check every morning. I've missed 'dazzling diamonds'.

You are the best! Thank you for your committment to all of us who love to watch you and get inspired in so many ways.

Wow! Wondrerful idea and beautiful cards Dawn. I am so sorry that your voice isn't back to normal. I hope it's all better very soon.


What a great video using the shimmer paint. Mine just came and and am anxious now to try this technique. Hope your voice and throat are much better. Keeping you in prayer. God Bless, Konnie

LOVE the shimmer sprays! AND like the idea of doing my own! Thanks Dawn! :)

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