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August 07, 2009


WooHoo Dawn! CONGRATULATIONS!!! on your successes - you certainly deserve it.

Oh my........couldn't have happened to a nicer, more deserving, fantastic, fun loving person......YES!!!!



Congratulations Dawn!!!

WOO HOO! I am soooo proud of you! You definately deserve it, girlie!

Congratulations, Dawn! I'm thrilled that someone who has helped/inspired so many of us through her blog has been honored!

I'm thrilled for you!

Congratulations, Dawn- I am so happy for you. You certainly do deserve it!

Congratualtions Dawn! You give so much to all of us Stamping Addicts you deserve all of it an so much more!

Way to go Girl.............CONGRATS...Sounds like your having tons of fun...Post lots of photos for us to see..

Congratulations Dawn!!! You deserve it all!!!

YAHOO Girlie! I am so excited for you!!!
Congratulations on your awards- you are such an inspiration and so deserve it.

Congrats on all the awards!
You work hard and so deserve all of them.
Thanks again for all you do for us stampers.

Good for you! You deserve it for all your inspiration you give.

Congratulations Dawn! You are so fabulous and completely deserve it ALL!!

Congrats on your awards, Dawn! You inspire many people and are deserving of everything! ... and I only know you through your website and videos!

Woo Hoo Dawn!!!!! You are such an amazing teacher and inspiration. I just told my husband that I would love to go to one of your classes in person. I have totally fallen in love with all your videos and glitter! Your testimonies about your faith are such and inspiration also.



Congratulations, Dawn! You put a lot of heart and time into your work. I love your blog and your enthusiasm! You go, girl! :-)~Mary

Way to go Dawn! That's so awesome. We can only thank you so much for all the wonderful things you do for us, NOW, you've received a show of our appreciation.

Congratulations again and keep up the good work.

Super Dawn, I'm so happy for you and you certainly deserve the honors. You are just too cute and give so much to all of us. I, too, would so love to be able to take one of your classes. I love the dvd's. Congratulations !! :)


CONGRATULATIONS Dawn. So proud of you.
Just think , in the entire USA you are in the top 10, what an incredible feeling!

CONGRATULATIONS, DAWN! You deserve every award they have. But where is the golden trophy for best videos? That is certainly how I found you, and I tell everyone to check your videos because they are so clear and great! You are #1 with all your customers!

Sue Mc

OMG! Congrats! I'm so glad to be a part of your sucesses.

OMG CONGRATULATIONS for making Founder Circle! What a great honor, you deserve it!

Congratulations Dawn, you deserve it!

Congrats Dawn, you deserve everything you get. I could just imagine the fun you have had at convention, I went to my first here in Oz this year, WOW. I am sure if I was State side I would be at your door booking a workshop or taking a class, you are terridic. Well down to a very deserving lady. Marls

Wow Dawn, You really deserve all of it, You're my all time favourite. I read your blog everyday. Congrats. Joke (Holland)

Congratulations! How exciting for you! well done.Marta

Wow! Dawn what a huge night! We are all so proud of you and blessed to be apart of your team!!!

Congratulations! I just stumbled on to your site and am hooked! Your video's are amazing. I am a hobby demo and your picture of you and the boxes of catalogs blew me away! I couldn't attend convention this year so I am living it through others. Congratuations again. I am sure you deserve everything you have received! Keep up the great work.


Congratulations!! I'm very happy for you! You are working so hard! :) Well done!

Awww... Congratulations, Dawn! What an exciting honor! And for everything you do, you deserve it!

I'm sooo happy for you, you are truly an inspiration for me, I love your site, your tutorials and you do a beautiful job of it all
Joannie G

Oh Dawn, If I lived in the US you would be my Demo too! I love your website and the work you do. I sing your praises all the time to my stampin girlfriends her in Brisbane, Australia. These are well deserved awards so savour the moment! Love Leanne.

Dawn, congratulations, you go girl!!! Enjoy your time as you have worked very hard and bring back lots of ideas.

Congratulations Dawn. You certainly deserve all of those awards.


CONGRATS!!!!!! And the #1 Cased Card Maker! Thanks so much for sharing your work and showing us exactly how you do it. LOVE IT!!!

You go girl! You deserve it!! I am glad others see you as such a positive force! Enjoy every minute!

Hi Dawn, I am glad to hear that you got award. Congratuation. You always make many beautiful I love it.

Ooh La La!!!! Congratulations on Founder's Circle and all those Top-10 awards. I can't think of anyone who deserves it more!!! You'll have to drop me a note when you come in to Salt Lake, I can come down and say hello :)

Congratulations! You deserve all of this and more...your drive and dedication make us who we are!! Enjoy and thanks for all you do for US!


Congratulations, Dawn!! You go, girl!!

Totally awesome! You ROCK...what a wonderful accomplishment. Keep up the great work!

CONGRATULATIONS DAWN!!! well deserved acknowledgements .. you are an amazing person.. love your blog and videos.. keep up the good work

It's rather amazing that out of all the blogs out there, yours was the first one I ever found. Your work and videos are such an inspiration I always come back. And, I can see why you were honored with such awards; you are a wonderful, talented, kind, sharing soul. You deserve it all. Thanks for all you do! Mary Jo

you rock!!!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD BE #1!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!! XOXOXO

Woo hoo, Dawn! That sure explains all of those catalogs you shared with us a while back! Congrats on your honors! Cheryl

Dawn, you so deserve everything you received and more. Your willingness to share with those of us you don't even know and who even have other demonstrators is truly a God send. I enjoy your blog each and every day. My 22 year old daughter even gets up in the morning and comes to breakfast saying "Hi Stampers". It just cracks me up each time I hear her imitate you. Have a wonderful rest of convention and congratulations to you.....YOU ROCK! We love you! Janice D. in Orlando

Founders is such an awesome experience Dawn and one to be truely proud of. Congratulations Dawn! You deserve it. Enjoy every moment.

Hi Dawn!
Just wanted to add my congratulations too! I have enjoyed your blog for many years now and it's always such a treat! You are so deserving of all your successes and I wish for you many more!
Congratulations again!

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