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August 22, 2009


Great tip Dawn, thank you :)
I think you should call it 'A touch of colour' stamping technique ;)
Have a great weekend,

How about calling it "Marker Magic". That is soooo cool!!! LOVE IT!

How about "Cuttin-In"?
AWESOME technique Dawn. Thanks for sharing-totally allows you to make some new magic with you stamp sets.


cool cool cool double dip coloring????DD

Gorgeous technique! Popping with Markers

Thanks Dawn for all of your ideas and generosity in sharing them with all of us! How about Marker Highlighting technique? Love, love, love it.......off to try it in my stamp room.......

I love this tip - colour popping with markers - thank Dawn.
Lesley x

Love this technique! Can't wait to try it and show it to my customers. Thanks for the video.

"cut-out marker highlighting" I love it!! What a neat technnique, TFS!! :D

Very cool technique! How about "Colored Cutouts?"

Love all your videos, BTW!

All the above sound like good names; I think colour popping is great. You are amazing! Thanks for sharing "the" technique; I will be looking thru my stamps and colours to try it. Mary Jo

I think PEEK a BOO COLOR is a good name for it. Since you are covering the peeking holes with color. You are amazing and I am so Awed by your generosity in sharing these techniques with us. You are always someone special in my book.
Love it
Debi Pippin

Girl - you rock! I check for your videos nearly everyday. You inspire me. Thank you so much for creating videos and posting them so that everyone can create wonderful papercrafting items.

Hi Dawn
I love all your tutorials & your friendly, bubbly voice, thanks. Love this new technique I love all the suggestions above especially "marker highlighting technique", this says it all.

Hey Dawn~
I really love this technique, and I like Debi Pippin's name for it, "Peek-A-Boo Color". The name is very catchy.

As always thank you for sharing your creative juices with all of us. I'm anxious to try this one out.

Happy Sunday to you and Jessie!

Hi Dawn, In art and painting projects we call that "color blending".

I thought it was embossed at first.
thank you so much for sharing with us everyday.

Hello Dawn, Happy Sunday!OHHHH, I agree...PEEK a BOO Color! Awesome technique. I am so glad I joined the Marker club now! Can't wait to get them all!



I love this tip, I've actually tried this out before and love the effects ! I love your card too, I may have to case it ;) Have a great day! Tami

Stamp highlighting is a good name to describe the technique. You get a basic idea of what it is just by the name, and that's a good thing. Thank you Dawn for all your instructions. I have learned so much from you!


I have seen and done this before, what it is called.. I am clueless. That is normal for me though. Double Color, I have also done this with chalks. Ink the stamp as per ususal and then Chalk the edges or the cut outs or leaves or what ever parts you chose; it not only changes the color up a bit, it also changes up the ink texture (or something) to the chalk and ink look. I have no idea what it is called but looks pretty cool too. Almost like a gloss and flat paint look together. Same color or contrasting. Oh don't we love our inks and papaers! OOOh what about the pearls dusted on the edges or in thoes cut out spots! wow whole new train of thought. Happy Stamp~y cynD

I have been stamping for about four years and just love it. We have a meeting the first Saturday of each month and then we have a retreat once a year. We go to the beach for this retreat but no one goes, we stamp and stamp.
My grandchildren come over and love to stamp and punch things for a card. My grandaughter came over and we made the lady bug card and she was a proud five year old.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful ideas with us.

Does anyone know which stamp the greeting on the sample card is from?


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