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May 16, 2009


Thanks for the great tip Dawn! Do you sand each time you stamp or is a "one time" thing?

That is the BEST tip ever!!!!!!!! That hapens to me ALL the time!

Thanks for sharing that, not everyone knows this.
Have a great weekend.

Will have to give this a shot.........thanks Dawn!

Hi Dawn :-)

I use my "Adhesive Remover Eraser" for this. No residue from from the sanding block or worry that you will ruin your stamp if you get a little heavy handed. I get a crisp image everytime.
Just wanted to share this with you and all who visit your blog.
Have a Great Weekend!

I also use an eraser! I just use a plain clean white eraser and it works awesome! I think what it does is takes away the static!

Just want you to know how much I appreciate all that you do and share on your blog. I look forward to my daily visits! :)


I was just stamping last night and this was happening!! And I had no clue what to do about it until now. Were you peeking in on me hun??? LOL!

Thanks so much! You're such an inspiration and help to us all!!!!!

Thanks Dawn, I love all the tips you share with us.. will definitely try this one ..

Great tip, but I was mesmerized by your fingernails! :)

hi,dawn! NOT that i did not love your tip ... but i have to confess that sometimes i listen to your videos just to hear your voice. there is just something about that VOICE!!! makes me want to be your dearest friend...
blessings, jo ann.

Thanks for the great tip!

Kewl! I "huff" on my inked stamp to help with this problem. However, there's usually a spot or two that's missing ink so I've taken to using my Blender Pen and very lightly "fill-in" the missing inked area. I like your idea better. Gonna' give it a try real soon.

Great tip Dawn. I love the hot pink nails!!

Hi Dawn!
I'm a total newbie to scrapbooking and using stamps. I had this happen to me and I just did your tip and "IT WORKED"!
Thanks so much for all of the tips and video's.

Oh ya baby.... works like a charm... I too have used the glue grabber-upper to freshen the stamp surface. just too too!! love it cynD

You are brilliant! Thanks for sharing your tips with us. I wish I lived closer to you, so I could come play!

Thank you so much for this tip! It was incredibly helpful - so much so that I've linked to your video on my blog!

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