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May 03, 2009


Keeping all of our soldiers in prayer and sending a long distance hug your way. I understand what you're going through...both my sons are deployed right now. I've also had my youngest son and daughter over there at the same time.

Oh Darlin' you got it. We have been in prayer for our troups for quite some time. like for aways. My hubby is a 20 year vet. We have been there. I do understand. Our prayers our with you & your hubby and all the men and women there and every where, in harms way. We are stand in the gap on our knees.

I'm fairly new to your blog but have it on my list to be searched through weekly. As a former active duty servicemember, I know what my job is and my duty...but I also know the feelings of a spouse. My thoughts and prayers are with you, to comfort you, and of course, with my brothers and sisters across this world serving so unselfishly.

Dear Dawn..I am Praying for you right this moment as soon as I read your message...Father in the name of Jesus I pary for your proction over all the people in Iraq working to help these people .I relese the angles to protect your husband and others in Jesus mighty name.amen..Dear Dawn pray this protection over your husband and thank god every day for his saftey...
Jesus will do the rest...
your husband IS SAFE...
God Bless you Dawn and your family...
Blessings to you Frenchpossum (JENNY)

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Dawn. I'm truly grateful to all our troops and hope that they return home safely. :-)
Sending you cyber hugs, too!

May God blesss you and your family, I will pray for your husband and all the men and women who sacrific so much for someone like me whom they don't even know.

Army wife here!!

Tons of prayers ALWAYS blanketing our troops! Hang tough Girl, and stay Army Strong!!!!

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