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May 05, 2009


Love the decorating Jessie did - never heard of the restaurant but it sure looks like fun and great food - tfs

Judy ~~~

You are so funny!! I don't like pickles or cucumbers only "Larry the cucumber" :) but I'm happy you've found your favorite!
Jessie's door is so cute!!
May God bless your day!

I love the door. I have a 13 year old daughter, and I can totally see her doing this. I'm just not sure I could part with any of "MY" paper or cardstock! haha!

Like mother like daughter! Paper addiction may be an inherited trait? Well, she could certainly do worse than being like her mama! I think she's got a great role model, inky fingers and all!

We used to have a Mongolian BQ in Florida(about 25 years ago). Do you choose what you want place in a bowl and take to be cooked and choose your sauces? It was truly wonderful, I really miss it!!! I can't beleive how perfectly Jessie matched all the corners of that paper.

Cute idea for the door.
Let her know she did an awesome job. She will be your future stamper. LOL

Teenagers are so creative. I like Jessie's door. I used to love pickles; the bigger the better. Instead of popcorn at the movies I'd buy a big pickle. I loved to suck the juice out and then eat the crunchy dehydrated pickle. Then one day I was on a date and my date whispered to me that I was turning him on. Since then I always think of that comment so I feel paranoid about eating a pickle in public. But I still love pickles, I just enjoy them better in the privacy of my home.

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