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May 04, 2009


I really really REALLY tried not to laugh, but I just couldn't help myself. Thanks for the infomercial.

You are so cute Dawn and have a great sense of humour.
I hope the tooth whitening kit is apprived by the ADA (American Dental Assoication) then you know it is really safe; otherwise it can damage your enamel.
Did you jnow that when you are tanned your teeth look whiteer?
Did you know that when you wear the right lipstick (I use Clinique's "A Different Grape") shade your teeth look whiter as well?
Just some more waysw to brighten your smile.
Thanks for you great video this morning Dawn.

You are way too funny Dawn. Please be very careful, I have read that teeth whiters are not good for you and can cause mouth cancer.

With your goggles and mouthguard you looked a little like Mr.Potato Head.

O my goodness you are such a hoot! I didn't laugh...much. :-)

ok I laughed LOL But I think my daughter and I will try it! Thanks for the info!
Silly girl!

I tried not to laugh, but you are just too cute so I giggled a bit! Thank you for a great start to my day!

Dawn you are a nut. I would love to be at one of your classes or workshops. I bet the ladies have a ball.

OH MY GOSH! Girl.. hehehe.. ok I never tanned before... hmm any tips on that?? I am always the palest gal around! lol.. hmmmm How many times do I need to tan in order to look "tan" and OH my gosh I would have to wear a bathsuit! GASP... OH MY.. I don't even own one.. tells you how much I wear them! HA... (((HUGS)) you are so awesome!

You are a DYNAMO. I love your site--you ALWAYS make my day. Like everyone else, I wish that I could take a class from you. You have such an uplifting spirit and I am so glad to have experienced it.
God bless you!!!!!

Dawn, I didn't laugh until you put on your goggles, then I lost it. Sorry, but it was really cute. You are unbelievably talented and they should have PAID You for the info. Take care on the tanning bed, I have skin cancer and my doctor tells me that tanning beds aren't safe for me either. Love you girl and have fun! Lynn from Sahuarita, AZ

I tried not to laugh Dawn but yep I did!!! You had me cracking up girl but I have to give you kuddos for doing that video, your such a good sport & so much fun! Thanks so much for sharing your info with us, well done! I want to give it a try for my son's wedding while I'm tanning, my pics will show nice white teeth thanks to my good friend Dawn! You Rock!

You are sooo darn funny girl! I have to ask...so you have to use the product while tanning? Is it the ultraviolet light that helps? Kinda like the zoom tooth whitening thing? You should try the spray tan thing...I did that last summer and was really happy with the results and no bad rays! :)

ok, I have to admit it...I laughed hard enough to have a few tears and made my husband look because he asked me what was so funny!! You are so cute!! And you look really tan already!! I am jealous!!

ok...I watched the other video to see how it works...it does work like the zoom system through the dentist.

giggle, giggle. . .

Dawn, you are such a riot!!! I love your site, it makes me laugh makes me cry, and makes me so encouraged in the Lord!! Thank you so much! We prayed the other day for your husband and all of the wonderful men and women in the service! I live in WI and if I get to MI again I will have to stop and visit with you!!! Nancy

You are too funny! I thought for sure you were doing spoof and you were going to appear with vampire teeth from the movie, "Twilight". Not that I've seen the movie, but that was what I was expecting to see! LOL!

Okay, Dawn, so when you said not to laugh, and you asked "Are you gonna laugh"? I said no, but then you had to go and put those goggles on and ALL BETS WERE OFF!!! You are too funny, girl. Thanks for sharing. Be sure to let me know when you come to California (San Francisco area) and we'll hook up and scrap!

You're a riot, Dawn!

I'm sorry I had to LAUGH, you are too funny.

My 6 year old son was sitting here with me watching this video busting a gut. Then he kept covering his mouth every time you told us not to laugh and laughed harder and said "Mom, she saw me!!". Thanks for a humorous end to a hectic day!!!

Dawn, you are so adorable! And I have to say your teeth look much more natural than the first guy in the infomercial! Too funny! Thanks for the share.

How did you ever expect us not to laugh. I sure am glad you have a sense of humor. Your video made my day. Thanks.

you are such a hoot. I love the look with the googles and mouth piece. I would love to come and stamp with you. I live in Missouri, so I really don't think it will be possible, but thanks for all the great tips and cards you share with us.

you really crack me up Dawn! I must say you are so informative whether it is with stamping products or any other product LOL I must say that the twilight stuff sounds like it would work well! Thanks for making me laugh........even though I wasn't supposed too hee hee!


Okay . . . I really did try NOT to laugh! :o) You're a hoot! Thanks Dawn, for sharing yourself with us.

Dawn, you are ADORABLE!! I had NOOOO self-control! I started laughing at just the THOUGHT of what you were going to do with that mouth piece! And...then, you DID it!!! YIKES!!!!

Thanks for the info., but thanks even MORE for just being so cotton-pickin' SWEET!!

OMG- you never cease to make me laugh!!! Thank God- you did not give us a demo in the tanning bed- much to much info-LOL!!!
I do have a serious question tho- are your teeth becoming sensative with this product???
When I got the $300.00 kit from my dentist I had to cut back because of that!
I can hardly wait to see your next "info commercial" ha!!!

I wasn't laughing at you I was laughing with you because you did a little giggle too. Mine was a little louder though.

Oh Dawn that was absolutely hillarious!!!! Cheered me up no end, hahahaha! See still laughing!
Lesley x

Dawn~ My 5 year old is laughing his butt off at you. You are soooo funny.

I so needed to laugh out loud! Thank you for sharing a good laugh. You are such a good sport! We love you for the unique and wonderful you are. Thank you, Marilyn

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