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May 10, 2009


Ah that second video is German. It's from an old show called "Verstehen Sie Spaß" I guess. I usually don't like that kind of shows to much as they show a lot of clips where people get hurt (in my opinion).
Anyway - that was kind of funny and most people laughed themselves :o)

Happy Mama's Day Dawn!!! ((HUGS))) 2 u love :)

Dawn, the first video was so poignant and made me cry because that is how I tried to raise my boys. The second was hilarious, I don't know German, but I could totally relate and I would be that person 'stuck' in the bed. Happy Mother's Day sweetie. Enjoy the day! Lynn from sunny Sahuarita, AZ

I had seen that video a couple of years ago. It is the only one I have saved on my email. I laugh everytime I show someone. Hysterical.

Hope it makes someone elses day too.

Happy Mother's Day. Thanks for the good laugh.

Thank you for sharing the Mom's Day video. It encourages me to keep doing what I'm doing to raise up Godly children. Blessings to you.

Thanks so much for a GREAT Laugh!!!

PS: (I almost pee'd myself)!!!!

LOL..thanks for the laugh. I was rolling here, so much I had to run for the bathroom! My eyes were watering from laughing so hard. Happy Mother's Day and thanks for making me feel good!

I have seen this video before but LMAO every time. The Quilted Northern Company loves me every time I watch this clip. My 9 yr old boy asked why I was laughing so hard, before I could tell him, I yelled- "gain way, clear the bathroom." (I just returned from dinner and I drink lots of water with my dinner.) He has too keep watching this now too & you know kids, they have to keep playing it. I know their is a translated one out in cyber land some place.

I love the kids video as well.

Happy Mommies Day! I hope all women were pampered as they deserved to be. God knows I wasn't.

You are so smart and give the Special Mother'Day.I am so laughing and so funny. They are good sport. Happy Mother's Day. You make me laugh. Thanks

LoL....sooooooo funny! This always makes me laugh...he--he--he! Hope you had a great Mother's Day...Thanks for all you do! Love ya girlie...sooooo funny...still laughng...

I love the video for mom's day - great message to share with everyone! Also, the waterbed video, I had seen before, but thanks for the laugh again.

what a good laugh ! i needed that this morning

The waterbed video was so funny that it brought tears to my eyes!! Can't wait til my husband gets home to see it! Thanks for the best way to start a week--with big laughs!

That was too funny - thanks for sharing Dawn. And it was a special treat for ME because I`m from Germany!!!
Hope you had a great mothers Day - I love your blog and the many "how to" ideas.
Viele Grüsse

Those children gave me goosebumps. What a responsibility and privilege we have as moms and grammas!
The second was hilarious, of course!

Dawn, Thank You So So much for sharing with me the waterbed video!!! I was feeling really blue today. My huband is in Michigan his uncle passed away. So my son and I had to stay behind in Arizona we miss him dearly. Thank You again and God Bless. Marina VanOstran

Hi Dawn,
That second video is so funny!
My husband had to come in and see what I was laughing at as well.

Just a quick question, I am with blogger, so don't know if it is any different, but I was wondering if you would explain to me how you load a you tube clip to your blog?

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