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April 21, 2009


Hey Dawn,
I live in South Carolina and fried pickles are a big thing here! As much as I like pickles, I don't like them hot.. I prefer mine to be ice cold! You might like it though. If your ever in the neighborhood, let me know, we can go to the wing king and get you some fried pickles!

Actually, there IS a Seinfeld episode (you came to the right place to ask that since I have seen every episode of Seinfeld at least three times...some of them more!) The pickle episode for Seinfeld is the "bad naked/good naked" episode where Jerry has the girlfriend who sits around in the buff all the time. She opens a pickle jar while naked and apparently, that is not a "good naked" thing.

I almost forgot! There is a Polish/American restaurant near me that serves Dill Pickle Soup. OMGosh, girlfriend, that is SO GOOD.

Have you ever had Pickle Cashews? OH MY GOODNESS! They are delish! They really help with that pickle craving! They can be found at Target, made by Archer Farms. You should try them!

And fried pickles are the best! Dip in some ranch dressing...YUMMO!

My maiden name was Leiker (pronounced Like-her). I married a man whose last name was Pickle. I was going to hyphenate my maiden name to my married name but then I realized that it would have been Leiker-Pickle. Not good!!! We ended up divorced anyway without children so I changed it back to Leiker. True story!

Hi Dawn..so what did YOU think of the Clausen Pickles??? Just curious if you liked them also :)

I'm having TWO for lunch in about 3 min's from now..hahaha

Cya!! Jo (Michigan)

Love Clausen pickles!! Dill bread with pickles and cheese make a fantastic lunch. Fried pickles are ok if they don't get mushy. Have a great pickle day! mary jo

Oh My so much info on Pickles. Thanks!

Dawn, did you know there is a Pickle Festival in Linwood Michigan every year in August? Linwood is the 'Pickle Capital of the World"!!! They have a parade, a beer garden, a softball tournament, and lots of other stuff too. You should check it out!

Oh and they even crown a Pickle Queen!!!! You would make a great queen!

Fried Pickles are the absolute bestest!! But, they need to be the small round pickles - not the spears. Dip them in Ranch Dressing and yummmm!!

Also, there is a restaurant in Mooresville, NC (Sonny's BBQ) that has the best pickles ever on their salad bar. They are dill with a little bit of "bite" to them (little spicy). I could make a meal out of them.

Hi Dawn, I had to laugh reading all of the pickle info,lol... My nickname in school,(a hundred yrs. ago),was pickles. My maiden name was Koczur, which some people pronounced kosher. So I became Pickles!! Some of my very dear *old* friends still call me pickles or pick. Have a sparkling day!! p.s. my daughter has a resturant and they do fried pickles, they are good!

Oh honey if you've never had a fried pickle you haven't LIVED!


In Dallas, there is a very old amusement park called Sandy Lake, which is only open in the summer months. We have our company picnic there every year, and the highlight for me is having a pickle juice snow cone. Seriously. Divine.

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