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April 26, 2009


PRAISE GOD! nuf said

WOW! Dawn this is wonderful. I cried at Jason's video. I remember thinking while watching him on AI that he didn't care if he won or lost that he took all of it as a joke. But, now I see he was being used by God even on the show. Bless you for sharing this.


Thanks for sharing this wonderful message with us today.

Live out loud girl! WTG!

Dawn, this was awesome. Thank you for standing up and sharing the love of Christ with us all. You rock girl!

thank you Dawn. Amazing

What a blessing!! I loved watching these this morning before church. THANK YOU Dawn for posting. You are doing a grand thing here and many will be blessed.

You do "GLITTER" for Christ!!
That was awesome!! Thank you for sharing.
Judy B.

Wow..Thank you so much for sharing. (((HUGS)))

What an Awesome God we serve. Thank you for sharing. We all have a story to tell don't we about how Christ has changed our lives. Praise Him and Him alone!!

This post truly touched my heart. More times than I'd like to admit, I move myself into 1st place. As I was watching these videos, tears came to my eyes and it really hit home that I need to always have Christ at the head of my life and "be a servant to all," as Jason Castro put it.

Too funny...I had JUST watched them before I clicked over here to your "feed". I get an e-mail from tangle.com and it had these videos on it. Amazing!

Just had to share that these are awesome testimonies from people that have allowed our Awesome God to change their lives.

Thanks for linking the videos.

Dawn thank you and God bless you and yours.

Debbie/Phx AZ


That was awesome! God Bless You for showing this!

That was amazing and inspirational. thanks Dawn.

Thank you for sharing this amazing clip; Jason brings such a peaceful power with him. A wonderful way to start the morning.

Love these, now I am going to look at the rest!

Dawn, thank you so much for posting these videos. My son made his First Holy Communion yesterday and it was truly a special day. My wish for him is to know Christ and aspire to live a good, Christian life. These videos were touching and I appreciate the reminder that there is a higher power in our life. Many blessings to you!

Thanks, Dawn! Uncle Doug and I enjoyed watching these together. You are doing a wonderful work and we are very proud of you for it.

Fabulous! You are such a blessing and an amazing witness to everyone who encounters your blog.. you rock girlfriend! Can't wait for a big hug in SLC! :) Patty

Dawn, this is the first time I have looked at your Sunday videos. I will have to say that I am truely blown away! ....in a good way :) Here lately I have thought about many aspects of my life and these videos just hit home. Bryan's video got me b/c I have been a Korn fan for a long time and it was amazing to see Brian say all the things he said in his video! I have never done drugs or anything (thank the Lord), but I am beginning to beleive that our lives will be so much better if we just accept Jesus into our hearts and become "second". Thanks for sharing these videos and getting my attention!

Dawn you my kind of gal... Blessings and thanks. God is the living God that has HIS hand far reaching.. Thank you for sharing. You can skip a stamping video any time for this kind of video. Glory!!
P.S. my nephew who is 8 talked his folks in to doing dreds on him because of Jason. He got to see him in person last summer. Awesome young man. God be praised..

Dawn thanks for posting the video of Jason Castro. I did not realize that he was a Christian. It makes me love him more then I already did.

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