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April 17, 2009


I had to chuckle when I read your pickle post. I had a little Aunt who loved pickles and the juice was her favorite part. When we visited her in the Nursing home we took her pickles.


I'm sure my PB would order them for you, they are to best people. Just say it and I'll walk next door and have them ordered.


Hi Dawn, In the Meijer's deli case, where the hot dogs are, there is the sourest pickle in the world, (imho), Its called Topor's, (my dad's, daughter, and granddaughter's absolute favorite. Have you tried Clausen's? Talk about pickle lover's. Our whole family devours them the minute they come in the house! Not one left for a sandwich or a hamburger! When my other grandchildren come over, They eat them right in front of the fridge with the door open so that I can't see what they are doing! They are older, and think it's funny. Well, that is my pickle of a pickle for the day!


Mmmmmm.... LOVE a good "puckery" dill pickle! My favorites are always the big ones in the individual bags like you have pictured. I'll have to keep an eye on the brand name next time I get one! Got to try those Pringles now too....

This is so funny. I love pickles too. You need to check out Bobspicklepops.com they sell pickle juice popscicles. I haven't tried them yet but I need too.

OMG! My mouth is droooling after reading this post! You are TOO funny! My daughter and I are Pickle Heads too! I also wish they would just sell the darn juice! And yes the sourer the better! LOL! You are NOT alone Dawn! LOL! Have a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to show my DD this post when she gets home! LOL!

Claussen pickles (found in the refrigerated section) are the best pickles in my opinion.

My daughter (she's now 14) got a jar of Claussen pickles as a gag gift for her 3rd birthday. I have this pic of her holding her jar of pickles with the biggest smile on her face.

P.S. She's just like you...she'll drink the juice too!!!

Dawn - I had to laugh reading this cause you are so exactly like me. I LOVE pickles too, especially the homemade ones. I would just sit and drink the pickle juice from the jar. Also, crazy me. I love to pour pickle juice all over my french fries and also, it is good with plain ole white rice in a bowl. To some that might sound disgusting, but trust me if you love pickles as much as I do, you might like it too. BTW, love your blog, you are so inspirational.

Jackie C in Colorado

Also, Clausen pickles are my favorite for overall flavor if I have to buy them from a store. Homemade are truly the best. And some jars, throw some jalapeno in them as you can them. Yahooooooooooooo.

Unfortunately I can't tell you where to get the perfect pickle but it reminds me of a story of my daughter. When she was 2 she loved "puckles" as she called them. That year for Christmas my brother as a joke gave her a 1 gallon jar of pickles. She was so excited by her jar of pickles that you would have thought he gave her an entire toy store. Every time we go to "Amish" country we have to buy her one of the huge pickles out of a big jar (regardless of time of day) but I can't remember who makes them. I'll have to check next time.

Thanks for the laugh today! I love my mom's homemade pickles and her relish rocks! I am hoarding two jars as she is not able to can anymore! If I every get the recipe I will share with you.

Sounds like you are in quite the pickle !

LOL :)

HI Dawn, Iam from Germany. I love your blog and your videos. Maybe I can help you by your search of pickles? In Germany we have some wonderful pickles. Called: "Spreewald pickels". I think I would send you some glasses????
Bye Irene from Germany

Have a look to this link:
Bye Irene

I too love pickles but probably not to the extent that you do. However I only want a true DILL pickle not a kosher dill. There is a huge difference and kosher dills have garlic in them, yuck!!!, I am not that big of a fan of garlic. I have a hard time finding a true dill pickle and when I find them I but the biggest jar.

I love you posts and today the pickle one is great.

OK, well, I just HAVE to do this because one person has to be the odd man out and it seems that I do that so well....I HATE pickles so I can't help you. I hate the smell of them and can only eat sweet relish in something if there is not too much of it. I always order burgers without and usually get them with..
I get soo mad...they are soooo nasty..they smell bad and taste worse!! LOL Just thought I would join in the chat....lmbo!! I will watch for you, though...My DH loves them so invariably those nasty things end up in my shopping cart from time to time.... I will now watch and let you know! LOL
....Sharon :)

I'm not a pickle fan unless they are the sweet ones, but reading this reminded me of something. There's a pub here in town that sells deep fried pickles. They're coated in some sort of breading. A friend of mine just loves them. Now I realize that doesn't help you any but this might be right up your alley and perhaps you could find a recipe online. Good luck in your search. :-)

My MIL and husband are big pickle eaters too. My MIL gets these Topor (or Tapor) pickles at Meijer in the cold section by prepackaged deli meat. Try the classic ones not the new ones if they have them. My husband likes the claussens or whatever they are that are also kept cold.

I love pickles too! (and olives). We really like the HOT dill pickles....We get Mt Olive pickles here in the south and they are best that we have available.

ahhhhhhhhhh pickles yum yum.. you are making my mouth water as we read.. LOL

We fight over the garlic in this family...LOL Mom would can them for us and we would peel extra gralic so that we did not have to fight over it... My sister youngest is nick named Pickle so we call her Nicolepickole and if you say it all drawn out is sounds even cuter....


I am so with you honey. I've been like this since I was little. I would sneak sips of pickle juice every chance I got. Claussen pickles are really good in my opinion if you've never tried thos before.

Dawn - My mother makes pickled eggs with the pickle juice and some beet juice and hard boiled eggs. We love them. After a few days the eggs are really rubbery and have a good flavor. My 4 year old just tried them at Easter and he thought they were so cool since they are purple. He is also a big pickle eater.

Love your blog!!

You are too funny...my daughter loves to drink the pickle juice. You and she are so alike. I have to laugh at your story, because I can just see the sparkle in your eye and the smile on your lips when you are totally satisfied with your pickle...thanks for sharing!
I love your videos, by the way, you are very inspirational to watch. THanks for making my day(s)!

Not sure about pickles but if you love popcorn like I do you might want to try Pickle seasoning for popcorn. Check it out here... http://www.surlatable.com/product/features/only+at+sur+la+table-+gift+sets/gourmet+popcorn+gift+set.do?search=basic&keyword=pickle+popcorn&sortby=ourPicks&page=1

I can totally relate. I love pickles too - dill, not the sweet kind. I was at a running event recently and they were giving out pickle juice to the runners. Not sure exactly why, but something to do with reducing muscle cramps. Anyway, they were also advertising Pickle Juice Sport. Check out this website for more info: http://www.goldenpicklejuice.com/
I'm not really a pickle juice fan, but it sounds interesting.

I know the quest if which you speak. Many years ago I could get a brand of dill pickles at Safeway and they were the Red Rose brand. Honestly they were so sour they made you cry. They were sooooooo good. You can't get them anymore. It is like that with a lot of things. As soon as they get an item that people love they discontinue it. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!!!!

I have a recipe for homemade dill pickles that are real close and if you would like it just let me know. Super easy to make. I love the juice too. Another thing that you might like is the juice from green olives. They can be stuffed with anything or not, but they give you that sour fix and the juice is great.

I am with you on this one. Pickles are the best. And I know what you mean about the juice. My mom and I do this all the time. It's great when you have a tummy ache too. Takes it all away. Don't know if it's the salt or vinegar but what the heck. I'll send you some when I make them this summer. Nothing like a fresh dill pickle...except for those you get in the barrel from the ren festival.

Hey Dawn!

Now I know we're soul sisters because I love pickles too. Most of the time it's a mini Clausen for me though or any of their line. But pickle juice???

I have to tell you my pickle juice story though. I had been to the store and was on my way somewhere else, but I was hungry! I remembered the jar of Clausen's in my bag and opened it. The jar was way too full and I couldn't get the pickle out without spilling, so I thought, "Oh, I love pickles, so the juice is probably great too." (Nice long sip followed)

Holy Cow!!! That vinegar went through every sense and nerve in my body! I started choking and I couldn't see!

So the pickle juice is all yours, girlie. I'll save mine for you!


Thanks for the chuckles today. There are more of you pickle lovers out there than I ever imagined.....I really don't care for them...so that will leave more for the rest of you!

Dawn, we just ate some fried pickles at dinner. In Tennessee fried dill pickle slices are everywhere. They are so so good, especially with some ranch dressing.

You are way too cute, Dawn!

I am a pickle fan as well. Dill is my favourite - I am not big on sweet pickles although they will do in a pinch.

My husband and I went to a restaurant near our place last weekend (in Southwestern Ontario, Canada) that has great appetizers. Our favourite? Deep Fried Pickle Spears. Sounds weird and gross to some but they are amazing. The restaurant chain is called Turtle Jacks. Unfortunately they only have them here in Ontario, but you should keep your eyes peeled in case the trend catches on in another restaurant! On the other hand, it's worth the drive to Canada!

I LOVE Mt. Olive pickles. They sell them at most grocery stores!

where do you live that you cannot get Vlasic pickles? They make them here in Michigan. Yes we can get 4 and 5. Very sour. Let me know if you want some.

I too like sour things. Have always loved dill pickles and sour lemonade. If you get the recipe for pickled eggs, post it so others can get it.

I add pickle juice to my sauce for potato salad. Also add it to my deviled eggs. It adds that extra ppunch. Everyone asks for the recipe. Of course, I just pour and do not measure.

Craving pickles huh?

You know what they say...
...maybe there is a baby on the way! LOL



How about The Pickle Guys? http://www.nycpickleguys.com/index.html

It's only Claussen pickles in my house! They are found (or should be) in the cold section at the store. And speaking of pickle juice...have you ever put a little bit in your potato soup? YUMMO!!! Not alot, maybe a couple tablespoons to your individual bowl. MMMM Good!

I too am a pickle lover! (And not just because I am pregnant right now!) I had been looking for a great pickle and finally find Dell Dixie brand and fell in love. I think they are awesome! Let us know if you find something delicious in your pickle quest.

LOL, your too funny girl! I like the ones that taste more like a cucumber not sweet & not sour. To me these are perfect! I'll keep any eye out for you & let you know. Have a great weekend!

Have you every froze pickle juice? We would freeze it and sale to our students.

I sure had a good laugh tonight. What a story !!!! We are going to a place here in CT called Rein's New York Deli for a Corn beef and Pastrami Sandwiches on Pumpernickle Bread, with their famous pickles on the side. My husband bought a bucket of these great Garlic flavored pickles. They are so crunchy good. Guess we're all in pickle heaven for now.

Oh My Goodness Dawn...you can be so funny! These posts just kept me laughing...geee...I know what you mean.I love "dill" pickles too...and the juice...yummm! When I was a little girl...I too would drink the pickle juice...every chance I got! (I still do...shhhhh...lol)
Love your blog and all the goodies you make! Have a spectacular GOD filled weekend! Now, I'm going to go get me a big pickel...lol

Alright Dawn,

I can't believe it, I've found one thing now that you & I don't agree on!


I'm a sweet pickle lover!!!!! I love the Vlasic bread & butter pickles the best to put on my home grilled hamburgers in the summer! Sweet baby pickles are awesome, gesh you're making me hungry for pickles now! Maybe you should try them, you might like them.

With all this "sour" talk you're making my neck cringe just behind the ears!


Sweet Pickle Smiles from Ear to Ear!
Ann :)

The best pickles come from delis in Chicago. Personally, I prefer Polish to Kosher, though. I love garlic! I think it's time you learned to can your own pickles, sweetie!

Girl you need to try the Dell Dixie Dills we have in Texas; they are the little crunchy ones and there is a cayenne pepper in the bottom of the jar they are not hot, the pepper just makes them more tangy than the useule ones and they are awesome

This post is great!
I, too, LOVE pickles!!
When I was 16, I had a Super Pickle (i.e: stuffed toy) suction-cupped to one of the windows!
KMart sells Tabasco flavored dill pickles! Talk about awesome!!!!!

Dawn - you need my homemade ones! I love any kind of pickle. When I lived in Washington State, a restaurant in our town had a pickle bar instead of a salad bar.

Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one that loves pickles as much as you do, my Husband and kids know that when they get a pickle on their plate when we go out to eat they always put it on my plate...lol

I have tried a lot of pickles, but once you have tried Milwaukee Dill Pickles, you are spoiled for LIFE! Nothing comes close in flavor!

I love pickles and pickle juice too. My husband thinks it's disgusting when I pour pickle juice into a glass and drink it. I'm lucky I don't have high blood pressure because not being able to enjoy this treat would be hard.

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