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April 15, 2009


I'll be there!!! Track 4! Woohoo!!!

I AMMMMMMMMMMMM I get to give you a HUG in person finally! YEAHHH But I'll be in Track 4 but STILL SEE YOU THERE!!YEAHHH

Yep, I'm going! Track 3! I would love to meet you!
Love your blog!
Barby Thompson

I'm in Track 4...but hope to see you somewhere. Looked for you last year but never found you (in all those thousands of people!)

Woo Hoo! Will be there trak 2! Saw ya last yr but didn't get to say HI! Will stalk...I mean find you this time!LOL!!! LOVE your work such an inspiration! TFS all you do!

Ooh, I hope so, this would be my 1st! :) My hubby will be there (photographer), and hopefully I'll join him! :)

I will be there. Track 3. Can't wait. I am so excited.

I'm going...Track 2 as well. I'll see you there! Wahoo!


Hey, I got track 2 first thing this morning! I knwo there will be loads of people there, but would be great to finally meet you considering I "see" you everyday! Tee Hee!
Are you doing any special swaps?
Mikki Madden


I'll see you there! I am going and this is my fifth year so I get to walk the stage.

Last year we met in the Girl's room hopefully we can meet in the hall this time! LOL

Hi Dawn! Yes I'm going - track 2 too! I met you last year while I was talking to Angie Juda so hopefully I'll see you again this year! You're too fun! :)

I'm in for Track 2. This will be my 10th Convention. Love your blog!

I'm going Track 1!!!

This will be my first, I'm in Track 3. I hope I see you and get to finally meet you.


I will be there in Track 2 with you Dawn! Love your website!


I am going, track 3 and can't wait. Hope to be able to meet you in person.

Yep! I am going! Track 4 for me. Maybe we will sit together again this year on the flight out of Detroit!

I'm in Track 3. . I swapped with you last year and hope to again this year. :o)


Woohoo! Track 2, baby! Can't wait to meet you in person, Dawn! I visit your blog daily...and btw, fabulous pop-up die video!

Track 2...WHOOHOO!!

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