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April 14, 2009


Here goes-
1. sentiment "you're a friend" is different colored ink.
2. butterfly is different colored ink.
3. butterfly is not glittered on after card
4. brad used on after card
5. ribbon white on after card
6. scallop oval is different colored cardstock
7. "for you" different colored ink.
8. dsp facing different direction on after
9. layers on butterfly different
10. dsp larger on after card
11. top flap embossed on after
12. scalloped border smaller on after card

This was fun, Dawn! Thanks
Tina P.

1. Different coloed ribbon (Bow)
2. Scalloped edging is highlighted with color
3. Different 1st layer under butterfly
4. Different brad
5. Different color butterfly
6. Glitter on the "before" butterfly
7. Embossing on the leaves (after)
8. Different color of ink on "for you"
9. Different background stamp
10. Different (balck vs baja) behind butterfly
11. Different color (baja vs gray) behind butterfly
12. Different color for the saying inside "You"re a friend."

Hi Dawn,

Things that are different on the after card:

1. The top part of the card that swings up is embossed
2. The sentiment on the inside is a different color
3. The brad that was used for the hinge is different
4. Different color ribbon
5. The butterfly is a different color
6. No glitter on the butterfly on the "after" card
7. Less white scalloped edge is showing on the "after" card
8. The mats below the butterfly have a different color gray
9. The "for you" sentiment is a different color
10. The mats under "for you" were reversed (gray on top and baja on the bottom vs. baja on top and gray on the bottom)
11. Different grays used as mats under the "for you"
12. The designer paper is facing a different way

Thanks for the Blog Candy offering and making us think so early in the morning!!

Differences on after card:
1. The leaves are embossed
2. A different brad was used
3. A lighter gray ink for the stamped sentiment in the upper right hand corner
4. Lighter gray butterfly
5. No glitter on the butterfly
6. Different color ribbon
7. Lighter gray on the square layer under the butterfly
8. Different colored scalloped oval punch
9. Different color large oval punch
10. Lighter gray ink "for you"
11. The horizontal scalloped edge was inked.
12. The horizontal scalloped edge is narrower.

Thanks for getting me thinking so early in the morning!

1.after card leaves are embossed
2.leaves positioned differently
3.lighter ink used on your a friend
4.lighter ink used on butterfly
5.lighter ink used on for you
6.brad instead of a button
7.white ribbon
8.scalloped border colors switched
9.no glitter on butterfly
10.DSP positioned differently
11.scallop positioned lower
12. knot instead of a bow

1. Embossed leaves
2. Different Brads
3. Sentiment Stamped in different colors.
4. Inked scallop background border
5. Scallop border is higher on one
6. Butterfly is in different colors
7. Buttefly is glittered
8. Different color ribbon
9. Different color matting behind butterfly
10. "for you" different colors
11. Scallop ovals different colors
12. Large Ovals different colors

1. On the top that lifts, the flowers are embossed on the After card.
2. The sentiment on the inside is stamped in a different color.
3. The butterfly is stamped in a different color.
4. The butterfly has glitter on it in the Before card.
5. The "for you" is stamped in a different color.
6. The ribbon is a different color.
7. The brads are different.
8. You sponged baja breeze on the top of the scallop border in the After card.
9. The color of the scallop oval punched piece of cardstock is different.
10. The color of the largest oval punched piece of cardstock is different.
11. The color of the largest square piece of cardstock is different.
12. The designer series paper is turned a different direction.

Hey Dawn,
I'm gunna give it a stab...
1. After card has clear embossed leaves.
2. Sentiment on card is 'inked differently, Before - with ink, After - versamark and pastel chalks.
3.Layering of CS inder b'fly is in different depths of blue and grey tones.
4. Before B'fly - stamped once, After b'fly - stamped off on scrap and then stamped on card.
5. Before b'fly is blinged with glitter.
6. Different brad is used on both cards.
7. Ribbon colour is different on both cards.
8. Scallop border is slightly highter on the Before than the After card.
9. Orientation of base background stamp is different, Before - Vertical, After - horizontal.
10. Layering of 'For You' sentiment CS is in a different order.
11. Chalked/sponged edge on After scalloped edge.
12.Flat knot tied on Grey ribbon, round knot on white ribbon.
Thanks for a great challenge Dawn....all the way fm Down Under!!!

1. After card is embossed
2. used a button instead of a brad on the before card
3. scallop is different color
4 second oval is different color
5. "for you" stamped in different color.
6. Butterfly stamped in different color
7. Stamp on base card is different
8. Stamp color on inside message is different color
9. Base square is a different color under the butterfly
10 different color of ribbon
11. Scallop on "after" is a different color
12. Butterfly on "before" has glitter.

1. clear embossing on the top leaves on after
2. ribbon color different
3. butterfly ink color different
4. sentiment (friend) different color
5. glitter on before butterfly
6. scallop border higher on before
7. edges inked on scallop border on after card
8. colors of scallop oval and regular oval are different
9. colors of "For You" sentiment are different
10. paper colors of butterfly matting are different
11. direction of leaves on bottom portion are different
12. brad different

1. ribbon color is white
1.only stamped image on 1/2 half of the bottom section
3.stems are enbossed in clear on top section of card
4. small brad used silver
5.butterfly light grey stamped
5. layers under butterfly light grey then blue
6. scallop in middle smaller across the top
7. a Friend stamped in blue
8.new oval scallop punch is blue instead of grey
9. large oval behind white is grey on the for you section
10.butterfly not embossed on after and lighter grey
11.more leaves stamped on top section than before
12.different stamped image at the bottom section of card-used differnt stamps

Morning Dawn, I'll have to get up earlier to get the worm. I was working on my list when I noticed ther was already a winner. But, we're all winners cuz you give us such inspiration!! Havea great day. Mary Jo

Dawn, This was fun! I love doing that sort of things. I missed 2 of them on the for you part. I got the others right though! Thanks for a great game!

That was fun..comparing the two. This is a beautiful card. I also wanted to mention that your new photo looks great.

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