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March 01, 2009


What an amazing story. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am deeply touched by the goodness of the people that loved on those boys for that night. It's so amazing to see what God can do with one person who is willing to listen and act when God calls. This will stay with me for a long time.

Wow your new camera is awesome, your right the clearity is great. Have a great day.

Your new camera is wonderful! And thank you for such an inspirational video! WOW! It was powerful! I felt like I was there celebrating the victory in Jesus! How exciting!!!!

Hi Dawn! The new camera is way-cool-fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

Dawn, Your camera is awesome. The picture is crystal clear. Love the Sunday share videos. Keep them coming.

What an inspirational video. Thank you, Dawn. It is amazing what good things happen when we love and follow Jesus. I'm so happy you got your new camera. Your videos are much more clear than with the other one.
Judy B.

Is that cool or what....that you even was talking to your hubby in Iraq while purchasing a camera and that the guy gave youa discount. Love America!!!!!

You did good with your first video Dawn.

Great new camera Dawn! Very clear....thank you for all your videos. You have really inspired me.

You should have stated I would have needed a box of tissues to watch that video.

Dawn, What a beautiful and inspiring video. It brought tears to my eyes.
Thanks for the inspiration!

hi Dawn, I allways enjoy your videos. You are the best.
Sapir, Israel

The video was crystal clear and your Sunday share was precious....gotta go blow my nose now....sniff sniff :)
Thanks Dawn!

Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful video. God is in control and he is a mighty and awesome God. Thanks for making me cry and seeing that there are still wonderful,loving people still in this world

Dawn, The new camera is great. Thanks for sharing.

I have just recently found your site and enjoy looking at, and trying, your projects. Your video looks great with the new camera. I just blogged not too long ago with the same football video. It is one of my favorite videos of all times!

Good mornig dawn.The camera is clear but, I like the other video feeds better,(5 min i think was one of them)with youtube it is always very choppy and hard to watch.

Dawn- Thank you for sharing the football video- great way to start the day-

COOL New Camera Dawn! LOVE IT :) Did I ever tell you that my 2yr.old DD everytime she sees ANY video she will say "Hi Stampers! lol" hmm guess we love our Dawn around here! :) (((HUGS)) Have a wonderful Sunday darling!

I can really notice the difference, it's very clear, and sharp, let us know which camera are you using, please! Greetings.

I'm wiping the tears away. Thanks for sharing. Those boys will always remember that.

Hey Dawn, It is just like watching it on my HD big screen.

What a video. Before I got sick and had to go on home oxygen, I volunteered at the Young Offenders Remand Center(jail). I taught stamping to the girls there.

Despite what they had done to wind up there they were still just kids. One day one of the girls asked me if I got paid for doing this. I said "No". Then she asked me if the center paid for the stuff for stamping. I said "No".

Then one of the other girls said "You do this for us for free?" I said "Yes". I couldn't believe what happened next. One of the girls who never spoke during the sessions came over to me and gave me a hug and said "Thankyou".

That is when I knew that I had served my purpose in God's plan for those girls. They were paying for what they did by being there. I was showing them that they still mattered. It was the best feeling in the world. Thank God for He is GREAT.

Awesome video. My favorite so far.

Great clarity! Nice your hubby could be part of your camera buying...just too cool. You have the most inspirational, moving videos! THANK YOU. mary jo

The video looked very sharp. I think it is wonderful how you and your husband really make it a priority to keep connected and involved in each others lives, even though miles apart.

What a moving video Dawn. Thank you so much for sharing it with your bloggers. It is much appreciated.

Hi Dawn,
I love your blog and appreciate your testimony.
Just wondering what kind of camera you bought? Thanks

WOW!! I am proud to be from Texas. This goes to show that God can take one person and change the lives of many.

From one proud Seebee wife to another, thank you for all you teach me, I love your videos!

Thank you for the Sunday Share, I look forward to these each week. Today's brought tears to my eyes and thankfulness to my heart. I mimic Leah in her sentiments and want to say blessings to Kathleen too for her share. What an AWESOME story, I love to hear stuff like that.

And yes the camera does look nice and clear.

Thanks so much Dawn for all your love and care that comes thru everyday in your posts! You are very much appreciated and making a wonderful impact in the stamping world! lol!


Dawn, thank you for both video's but especially the Football game. That was so touching. I also added a link to it on my site. WOW.. how awesome!!!

Thanks again!!

Thank you for sharing the video. I read about that game a while ago and shared it with the girls in my class. I teach at a private girls school in South Africa. The girls were so touched and inspired that they decided to adopt an under 10 baseball team from our local informal settlement. These kids have no kit - they share 1 bat, 1 helmet and 1 glove between them, but they play like stars. The girls are in the process of collecting funds to buy them uniform and are collecting old bats, helmets and gloves lying around at home. My classroom is starting to look like a sports shop! They have also found a sponsor for the kids' taxi fair and lunch on game days! So that story has been inspirational to many more people, even on the other side of the world!

Oh my gosh, girlie...that video was AMAZING !!! How completely inspiring ! We ALL need to keep our eyes open to those who are struggling around us and encourage them in the name of Christ !!

I love you...

Dawn thank you so much for your Sunday share video. My heart was so touched by this and it confirmed what I believe there is always hope. Have a wonderful week and congrats on your new camera.

Debbie/Phx AZ

The new video was super clear - love it! And the Sunday share was a total tear jerker...

Thank you for sharing that amazing story! I often check your blog for great SU tips but that story realy touched me, thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

I hope you are able to receive my message - I was moved to write to add my voice to the many that have already said thank you for sharing that piece of film - it reminds us what can be accomplished when we reach out and give each other another chance to find a better way forward - Bridgette

I love your tutorials and your projects are always really fun, but I just had to comment today because that video was so awesome! I wanted to add its link on my blog but wasn't able to find it on 'tangle' -- can you please tell me the name of it or send me the correct link for it? Thanks so much!

Dawn: Your video is awesome, I'm new to your blog and I love what I've seen. I'm also a SU demo in California and I haven't do any video, don't know how, I should try sometime soon. How did you show all the signs (wordings)?


Chris Kaplan

Hi Dawn:

Your new camera works great. I really look forward to your videos....thanks especially for the football video. We need to be reminded from time to time that God works through our actions and that coach saw an opportunity to show the love and forgiveness of Christ. I pray that God blesses his actions and yours for sharing it on your website.

Hugs, Kathy

I saw the little Coin chocolates at the dollar store this morning and thought they would be really cute in sammiches too, but it might take away from the cuteness of the coin...waddya think?

loved the video, love you. You're so cute with your little ideas, I just love em'

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