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March 29, 2009


Hi Dawn so cute and I just love that Miley song

On another note how is your mother's wrist?

Judy ~~

sorry about the glitter accident -- but think how pretty the inside of your vaccum cleaner will be! hehe!
Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful day!
Sandy W in VA


Love this card. How cute. Thanks so much for sharing all your talents with us.

Your Sesame Street cuties are fabulous, Dawn!! Sorry about your glitter too!!

Your car is stylin' with your new wheels (boy do I know about those MI potholes!!)

Adorable punch pals.

For a second there it looked like someone had died and you had outlined the body in dazzling diamonds. Hey cute rims, tires and video. And an "atta girl" for you doing such a great job at taking care of business on your own all the time. You set a great example of other wives affected by the war and just how to "make the climb" till he comes home for good. Hugs, Orisse

Sorry about the glitter!! UGH! I'd cry. I have a tip for you. Take a few scraps of left over rubber and make feet for your glitter bowl. It really keeps it from sliding around your work table. Try it! It really works. HTH!

I LOVE the card! Of course it takes me back to my childhood and growing up with Sesame Street.

I would cried if I spilled all that glitter. I am sad for you.

DD's are listening to the Miley Cyrus CD right now. Can hear that exact song.

I rarely comment dawn but if you like this one another good one is make some noise by Miley. I am partial to it because it is getting my daughter through some really rough times with people not liking her.

Can you believe it? First time I have ever heard that young lady sing. She has a pretty voice, and I liked the song also. So sorry about your glitter, and your rims. What a week you have had!

Dearest Dawn,

OMG!!!!! I want you to know I have been there but you will get over it. At Christmas I spilled my favorite green tinsel glitter. It was a sad day.

I really love the Miley Cyrus video. I have been in a deep valley with health issues for the past couple of years. One thing after another. But as I listened to that song I realized today that I think I may be climbing up the other side.

You are my earthangel...Thanks for the share. YOU SHINE.

As Always

Amazing Dawn!!! I just came online to look for Sesame Street cards for my twin grandbabies' birthday next week and here you are. Thanks so much!!

let's have a moment of silence for the glitter love the card dawn philly

Hi Dawn,

Today's card is sooo cute! Is it O.K if I copy? I will say it's from you of course.


Hi Dawn! I just wanted to tell you I love your SS punch critters. I am going to post a picture and link to your blog on my blog. Hope you dont mind!

Oh Dawn I'm sorry to laugh at your misfortune but when I saw that picture of your floor I couldn't help but chuckle. I could feel your pain. Thank goodness it wasn't your entire stash. I feel therapy may have been needed if you spilt it all.
Love the card today - as always.

Dear Dawn,
I am so sorry about your Dad. It's good of you to remember him on his former birthday. You must have loved him very much.

Love the Sesame Street Characters! I'm gonna have to case them!!! What a tragedy on the Glitter...I am one of those anal-rentative people who would try to scoop it all back up... (he he). My hat goes off to you & the hubby for serving the military. I've two kids in the Army. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Dawn - Thanks for sharing the song. I absolutely love it!! I really enjoy your work. Thanks for sharing with us all you do.

I totally feel your pain!!

A couple of weeks ago my 11 year old son asked to make his own bday thank you's. I was so happy to hand off a To Do and share some never before shared craft time with him. Well, he accidentally knocked a brand new Turquoise glitter from SU's Supernova superfine glitter set. (a.k.a. not available for individual purchase.)

I was so sad...why couldn't it have been an ugh-o color?!?! Well, probably 'cause SU doesn't make icky colors! Oh well, it was purely an accident and he felt so bad I couldn't be mad.

I just have to ask, "Did you roll around in the glitter since it was already on the floor?" jk

I can't believe how much I've missed while I was in my own valley climbing up the numerous mountains, kwim?

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