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February 08, 2009


So glad your heat issue was something simple like that. I'm sorry to hear about Jessie's friend-it is very hard for teenagers to loose a parent. Good thoughts coming across the country to you & friends.

Thank you for sharing this song. I have never heard it before. Yes, I will be in heaven and thank you for asking and caring whether or not others will be there.

Love your card Dawn - it looks so clean and fresh.
Ethan - if you read Dawn's blog I am so sorry for your loss and my prayers go out to you that God will be more than your portion of comfort.
Dawn your candle shines bright. Thanks you for your ministry through stamping. Yes, when I am called home I will be in heaven.

I wish I lived a litle closer so I could get together with you and your pals. Looks like alot of fun.


Good Morning Dawn,
First off my heart goes out to Ethan. To lose a parent is not easy, and especially for a young man to lose his dad.

Thank you for sharing your Stampin' Club meeting. I also wish that I were there. You ladies have such a great time, and I just love your Mom. :) She is a real neat lady.

Thank you for all of your great ideas, for sharing your videos with us, and for being such a wonderful lady.

God Bless you too.

Thanks for sharing your light with all of us. Makes us all wish we lived closer or Scotty could just "beam me up" to your stamping club. Your mother looks wonderful! Have a blessed Sunday even tho you have a difficult task; or is it really difficult to bring light to others in any way? Mary Jo

Beautiful song Dawn! A candle can also symbolize your smile if you think about it! If you smile at everyone each day it might bring joy to them or brighten (as a candle would) their day!
Stampin' Smiles from Ear to Ear,
Ann :)

Dawn, I love this song by Chris Rice (and all his others as well, even the Cartoon one Ü).

Oh how I wish we lived close to each other! To have a sister in Christ close by who stamps would be awesome!

Yes, I know exactly where I will spend eternity when I die. I look forward to the day when Jesus welcomes me into heaven and introduces me to the babies I didn't get to meet this side of heaven.

Dawn -- Kathy Tricoli (SP?) version of Light Your Candle is absolutely faboo. When she sings the part about praying in the name of the Father, whew... I get chills just thinking about it. Peace SB

Dawn, thanks for sharing the song; it is truly beautiful. You are inspiring spiritually and by sharing your love of stamping with us.

Hi Dawn, Yes, and if I don't meet you face to face on this earth, I will in heaven!

If anyone reading, isn't sure to the answer to Dawn's question, absolutely sure. . .don't hesitate to ask. It takes real courage to step out and ask but it will be SO WORTH IT.

Love ya Dawn, Sister in Christ!

Think JoJo did a great job in that grass skirt.

Dawn, gotta tell you - I'm still laughing after watching the video! Too funny! Great group of gals you got there. BTW Go Light Your World was sung at my son's confirmation - love it! Gee, who says that? LOL!

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