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December 21, 2008


You are so funny! What a great blog, I feel like you are my girlfriend!!! I wish we could go out for coffee! Your daughter is the spittin' image, ya know? I feel so proud of her - the nails are beautiful! I don't bite mine and can grow them for about 3 weeks and then they split and I pick them off again! It's a terrible cycle! Well, thanks for a great morning catch-up...I feel so bad for your mum but glad the surgery worked out and they caught something they didn't see before. Keep her comfortable! Bless you and your family, Merry Christmas! Thanks for everything!

That is sooo cute Dawn! TFS Wow, you are talented to be able to create that in such a tiny area!

Puppy chow is so good. I also make mine with butterscotch b/c I don't each chocolate either. I also omit the butter and it is still addicting just with fewer calories...thus I can eat more of it!!

Girl you rock! How did you do it on your finger??!! I would have a glup of blob on my finger! lol.. SOOO CUTE!!! :) My nails don't grow AT ALL so I won't be able to do such a cute snowman even if I wanted to! lol :)


Wow what a post.
1st I am a Chex Mix addict lol I love most every type of snack made with Chex Mix and Puppy Chow is one of my favorites. My SIL makes the best Chex Mix snacks so I always ask her to bring it over for our family functions.
2nd I am so greatful to GOD that your mom's surgery went well. I would have been worried also that the surgery went longer then expected but thank goodness all went well. Physical Therapy will be a drag but she will need it to build her strength back up in her wrist.
3rd I love the cute nail designs how festive for the season.
Have a great weekend!

Glad to hear that your Mom's surgery went well. I will continue to pray she heals quickly.

yay for jessie! i have been biting my nails since i can remember...it is only when i see such beautiful fingernails that i get motivated to grow mine. it is a very hard habit to break so keep it up jessie! the snow man is so cute.

I love Puppy Chow too, and learned it by that name, although the recipe is on the Chex box as Muddy Buddies. I was actually in the store shopping with my son and asked him if he wanted me to make some "Muddy Buddies". He said he'd never had them and I told him he had, although it's been at least 2 years, yada, yada, yada. He still didn't remember so I called it "Puppy Chow" and he said "Oh, that stuff? I love that stuff."

Seriously hard to stop eating it once you start.

Oh, I'm a nail biter too. My nails aren't as short as your daughter's "before" pics, but it is a habit I'd like to break.

Wow!! I cannot believe you can paint that in such a small area!! You are very talented!

Your nails are beautiful Jessica - way to go on kicking that habit. I was once a nail biter too but when you look at my nails you would never thought so - my nails are strong and grow way too fast. I have my nails done every two weeks and I am asking for them to be filed short. Melinda says to me, "Do you know woman pay to have long nails like yours".
I to use OPI nail products and think it is the best (I love the nail colour names). Your nails always look beautiful Dawn - do you do your own nails?
I have a hard time putting a decal on my nail let alone painting my own with acrylic. It is beautiful though.
Thanks for sharing your girl stuff with us.

Dawn you and your daughter are a hoot. No matter what you do on your blog it is enjoyable. I will be back tomorrow for the fun and games. I am so glad you Mom is doing well this had to be very scary for you both. Take care and TFS.

Debbie/Phx AZ

Dear Dawn,
I have come to the conclusion that you are insane! I mean, a microscopic snowman? This is like microscopic surgery! How can you even see the brush to know where to dip it in the colors???? LOL!!!!!!!
Best wishes to your Mom! Glad she got in and had the surgery. Maybe you can paint a snowman on her cast. ;)

Well, good thing Jess quit biting those nails cuz I would have to tell her that worse than bacteria is the fact that nails do not digest and can form ugly abcesses in the interior of your body. Love the baby snowmen; snowmen are my favorites. Thank God your mother is doing well; feel for you on your surgical wait. You are a special lady.

I have always known I'm related to the most talented cousin on the planet....when are you pulling out the roller skates LOL :) XOXO. Jessies nails look beautiful.

Hug Auntie Judy for me. Wish I could get to your side of town and do it myself, but I do NOT leave the house when there is this much snow LOL :).

Love that snow girl! Glad to hear your mom's surgery went well. All the fingernails look great - love the snowman, but don't have time to watch video right now - but will later. That "puppy chow" sounds wonderful!

Hi Dawn & Jessie!
I couldn't help but smile when I read your Sunday share. I too was a terrible nail-biter, but do a lot better now. If I get nervous or stressed out I sometimes lapse back into the habit, especially in the winter time when the cold weather makes my cuticles crack so bad. When I was little, my grandma used to tell me that if I kept on biting my fingernails I would someday have to have my appendix taken out. I don't know where she came up with that idea, and I told her that I wasn't "eating" my fingernails, just biting them off and spitting them out!! Well wouldn't you know it.....I ended up having to have an emergency appendectomy when I was 28 years old! I never had the nerve to ask my doctor if biting my nails is what caused it!!
I am saying a prayer for your Mom. My hubby (we weren't married yet, just dating--this was MANY years ago!) broke both the bones in his left arm right at the wrist and he was put into a cast with his hand bent at an angle for traction. I looked like an "L" shape....hard to picture I know. His arm was so swollen when they put on the first wrap that after a few days his bones had slipped apart and they had to go in and re-break his arm. Not a fun thing according to him!! Anyway, hope you and yours have a happy holiday. Thanks so much for sharing your time and talents with us via your blog and videos!!
Take care,
June in KS

I was watching this lastnight when my son yeld "Mom, the pipes are frozen" and I had just finished painting my toes with Black Cherry Chutney from OPI. Needless to say after putting my clogs on & runnin up & down staircases trying to get hairdryers, heaters etc-I had to redo some of my toes! (luckily we got the water running)

Glad to hear that your moms doctor found the problems earlier than later; even tho it must have been super scary waiting!! Hopefully it will heal much quicker & then she can start PT and get use of her hand/arm again. Prayers are always with you and your family.

I just tried the Puppy Chow recipe yesterday! Thanks so much for the recipe! Yum! Yum!

Puppy chow is HUGE in my house. I don't use the butter. I do add peanuts and M & M's. My kids, husband, father and brother all LOVE Puppy Chow.

No matter what you do on your blog it is enjoyable. I will be back tomorrow for the fun and games.

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