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December 22, 2008


I have an angel tree with purple, silver, and gold, with white lights. Purple is my favorite color.

Every year I do a different color scheme!! This year was Riding Hood Red and Whisper White. Last year was Chocolate Chip and Bashful Blue. Next year (yes, I already have it figured out! lol) will be Bashful Blue, and silver with chandelier crystals. I love, love, love Christmas!!

Hi Dawn,

A few years ago, my husband became addicted to Old World ornaments so our tree is decorated in only Old World ornaments and forged aluminum ornaments from Wendall August Forge in Ohio. We have multi-colored twinkling lights on the tree. It is a beautiful tree. I talked him into getting an artificial tree a few years ago after years of traipsing through the tree farms to the farthest corner to cut down the perfect tree. It made for good memories for our children but now that they are grown and we are older, the artificial tree works well and is beautiful. And, we can put it up on Thanksgiving weekend to enjoy longer.

Hey Dawn...awwww...no tree for you?

Well, because I live in the Northern part of Michigan...I decorate my tree with a nature theme. This year, I have pine cones that I collected around my yard from our pine trees, I have birds that I purchased from the craft supply along with faux fruits, birch bark and twigs that have been guilded in gold. I love my earthy tree...if is a good fit for my rustic home.

Hi Dawn - I so much enjoy your sight!!! Glad to hear your Mom's surgery went well!! I too am a purple nut!!! I am a cancer survivor and at our relay the survivors get to wear "purple survivor shirts".
I also am a snowman collector and have always had a snowman painted on my nails. I am very impressed that you can do that and have such a steady hand! I work at a nail salon and watch how intricate the designs and how it's done.
Have a wonderful & blessed Christmas to you and your family!

We do our main tree all in gold and white. There are 2 other smaller trees placed in rooms with front windows which are decorated with all the things my children have made over the years at school, as well as all the old ornaments my husband and I have from our childhoods.

every year we buy a real tree...we use blinking lights that are colorful...our ornaments are all the ones from when my hubby and I have been together...then added to that all the ones from when my son has been born...so all ornaments have special meaning...the angel for the top of the tree was my grandmothers...once all together's we put tinsel all over...(which I will see for the rest of the year)....

I decorate our tree with purple & dark pink ornaments. The ornaments are both matt & shiney. Some of them are hearts. I also add "crystal" snowflakes & butterflies. I am a butterfly collector and these are my favourite. The tree has white lites and it is so pretty when it is lit up at night.

Have a wonderfuly Christmas!!!

Hi Dawn,
Since we have little ones (5 and 3 year old), we just hang those unbreakable Christmas ornaments in a lot of different colors and multi-colored lights. When they get older, I will put the special ornaments back up.

I don't have a particular color that I used this year. I made red ornaments using the small scallop punch and then used weeds from the field in front of my house, ie pompus grass plumes, dried snow ball flowers, and whatever else I could find, all tied with red ribbon. White lights also.

Dawn, LOVE your site!! Our tree is decorated with silver and red ornaments with an angel on top dressed in red. There are a few special ones on there that my children have made (dough, cinnamon stars, photos,etc...). Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

Hi Dawn

Love your site and visit it daily to see your talent. As for my tree, white lights and angels with different colored glass bulbs with an angel top.

I have enjoyed the chirstmas ornaments everyone is making from DS so this year I have lots of blue and stipes on our tree. Thanks for teaching and sharing with us all!!

Hey Dawn,

I have always wanted a theme tree. But when ever I open the ornaments my children made. I have to put them out along with twinkling white lights. The memories.

Merry Christmas,

Beth F

Congratulations to you! Great Job.

Hi Dawn, I let my 8 yr old decorate the tree this year but she still put my green and red bells that my Nana made me on the front of the tree. They look abit silly with all the other decorations but they are very special to me. Cait never got to met my Nana (or my Mum)but she knows how special they are to me. Have a very Merry Christmas. Marls

We have two trees. Our family tree is full of ornaments that we collect and add to each year. I use a beaded garland that has red, green, and brushed gold color in it.

The other tree that I usually put up (but did not this year) is in blue and silver and crystal or clear ornaments, garland, etc.

Thanks for all of your inspiration.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

pscole3467 at gmail dot com

Your tree sound fun and purple.lol
We have 2 trees. On is a tree with twinkly white lights strung in the middle of the tree and on the outer part of the tree multi-colored lights with assorted ornaments throughout the tree. So a multi-colored tree. The 2nd tree is Barbie themed. I have collected Barbie ornament from Hallmark for years and years to it is Pink lights of course with Barbie.

Hi, Dawn!

For years, we put up two Christmas trees ~ one with all kinds of ornaments with no special color scheme. The second is decorated in mauves and burgundys.

Best wishes to you and your family for a Merry Christmas!! Judy

White lights with multicolor blown glass ornaments in the living room. The kitchen tree is red gingham and mini kitchen utensils tied with red gingham.

my tree would be silver, if i had one.
merry christmas to you and your family.

Hi Dawn,

My mom and my daughters favorite color is Purple any shade.

I think I am going to decorate the tree purple next year. This year its Red and Silver all over, and Red and White lights. Hope you have a good holiday, Liset

Hi Dawn! Glad to hear all went well with your mom's surgery! I hope she has a speedy recovery! :o)

As for the Christmas tree... we currently have a small 4-foot one that is pre-lit with multi colored lights. The ornaments are all different metallic colors, with some silver and special ornaments thrown in.

My goal one day is to have a tree decorated with Stampin' Up! ornaments. :o)

This year i have up a white tree and my girls wanted red and gold bulbs on it. I have bows and ribbon all over it. The ribbon is red, gold and a little green on it. White lights. Have a Merry Christmas Dawn!!


Hi Dawn, love all your wonderful ideas. This year I only put up 2 already decorated trees. In my family room I use a snowman theme with white lights. In the kitchen what else would it be but kitchen related items with white lights. I didn't put the "big" tree up this year as I have also been dealing with a family illness but when it's up it has Coke ornaments and my collectable glass ornaments with white lights and hand beaded "icicles" & bells from my husband's grandma. Merry Christmas to everyone. Connie

I use multi-colored lights and ornaments that I have collected during our marriage. The first one on the tree is the santa ornament that was my parents' first ornament when I was a baby. It is the first up and the last down. Each ornament has a special meaning to me. My grandson always helps with the tree and knows the story that goes with each one............someday they will be his. Our tree topper is his snowman hand puppet he got his first Christmas........he wanted it up there and now I can't imagine anything better!!


Dawn you are so talented.. I am addicted to your site and your videos. Our tree doesn't have a certain color theme.. 1/2 the ornaments are handmade by my 6 kids.. the others are some I've accumulated through the years.

claudia d

Hi Dawn My name is Kathy and I live just outside of chicago IL. We decorate our tree in white lights and many different ornaments. NO theme here. We have many handmade ornaments from the kids and many from when I was a child. On the top we have a star, and underneath the tree is the nativity set and a santa and reindeer.

My tree is green with multi-colored everything! My plan for next year is a major overhaul though...I hope. White tree with clear lights, pink and silver decorations. I had been thinking of doing this as a second tree but my husband is ok with replacing the traditional tree - I'm shocked. Hoping to find some major sales after Christmas to see this happen.

Ohhhh. A purple tree, I never thought of that. Purple is my favorite color. Our tree is usually decorated with gingerbread men cookies, candy canes, and last year I cut out snowflakes. We have a box of ornaments of various themes we put up when I don't have a plan for the tree which this year I don't.

Well, I don't decorate my tree, my daughter does and she loves blue and silver! Why isn't your tree up this year? Merry Christmas!

I left a comment and no name or address.


Hi Dawn,
Our tree is decorated with ornaments we have collected while vacationing each year. It is also filled with all the hand made ornaments our boys have made over the years. We call it our memory tree because each year we put the ornaments on we talk about our memories of the trip we took,where we got the ornament, what grade the kids were in when they made it. Also, each year we buy the boys a special ornament for them to take when they grow up. This year we found a little car for our 16 year old who got his driver's license in Aug. He's really proud of that one!
Have a good Christmas!

Our tree is multi-colored and really does not have any theme. All ornaments are those that I grew up with and the angel on top is the one that adorned my family christmas tree throughout my childhood. This is our first christmas and tree as a married couple and we have had great joy putting it up.

Mine is a very country theme... I have all or at least most of the ornies that the kids hve made thry the years and most of the rest are ornies that I have made. The light bulb santas, grinches,snowmen, etc. It always looks so beautiful. And the star on top is made of wire and pinecones...

traditional green tree with mostly red and gold ornaments.But this year we rescued two kittens so no tree:)

Hi Dawn!

No tree, makes me sad for you!

I don't have a specific color scheme. We have all the old ornaments from when I and my hubby were little, plus all the ones we have purchased for our little one. So, they are a mismatched, very odd, and unmatched scheme! I also don't do garland, I tie red bows on the end of some of the branches. So, guess that's it for me!

Have a WONDERFUL christmas!!!

Hi Dawn, love love love your blog and check it daily . . . sometimes more then once. Each year our Christmas tree gets a few more Hallmark ornaments added to it. It is an all Hallmark ornament tree with both white and colored lights and a big star at the top. I have a thick "snowman" tree skirt and the manger sits right next to him. Keep those cards and tutorials coming.

I'm a grandmom. Whem my husband and I were young, we had no money for tree decorations. So the kids made ornaments (all colors) !! But, the very best thing is our tree topper. We were looking for something nice, but with no money. . .what does one do? SO, we purchased for 99 cents a tiny little brown monkey wearing a santa hat. His arms were like clips so he could hold on to the tree top. . .Do you know how much we have loved clipping that little monkey to the tree every year? He is a tradition!!! And, every year we realize how much God has richly blessed us. Thank you Dawn for your wonderful site and for your shining testimony to God's goodness.

Merry Christmas Dawn!

We have a 9' tree that is decorated with white lights and blown glass ornaments. We finish it off with red bows and candy canes and of course, an angel on top.

God Bless you and your family.

Hi Teacher -- Our tree has multi colored lights on it. I love lights but have resigned myself to the fact that the "pre lit trees" are a wonderful thing!! The decorations are from years of collecting -- when my boys were little it was so much fun to open the decoration boxes -- and hear them say oh I remember this one! Merry Christmas -- and thanks for sharing your talents!

Dawn...I do my tree in blue colors with some silver. Blue is my favorite color and since I am the one that puts the tree up and down I picked the colors.


Why no tree? That seems sad. We do our tree in homemade ornaments and in ornaments that have sentimental attachments. The gaps are filled in with a few store bought balls but eventually, my goal is to only have homemade ornaments. :)

Hi Dawn. Love your blog. I visit everyday. My tree is green and I have multi coloured lights and decorations from years of collecting from kids I have taught at school and from my family. I guess you'd call it a sentimental decorating theme. I'd like to send my best wishes to your mom on her recovery. And thank you for the chance to win some blog candy!

I decorate in all colors.

My tree is multi-colors. I do not have any regular bulbs on my tree. I have collected Hallmark ornaments for years so it would be hard to do a single color. Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas!

My tree is decorated in LOVE. I hang every Christmas ornament that out children made, they are now 27 and 25, as well as the ornaments that our grand-daughter, 4, makes now. We also have a tradition of buying an ornament with the year listed on it and have hung all of those starting with 1975! Needless to say, the color of our tree is LOVE!

Teri (nanastamper@msn.com)

Hi Dawn - I have five trees - the main tree has all our family decortations both homemade and firsts. The dining room tree is red and white, the family room is has colored bulbs, the playroom has a teddy bear treee and my room has an angel tree...or yes and each boy (3) has a theme tree in their rooms....Titans football, fishing, and hot wheel cars...Can you tell we love Christmas? Thanks for a great website and best wishes to your mom.

This set is so cute, I would love to have it. For my Christmas tree, I have no them really. I have ornaments I have collected since I was little on it, some are homemade and some mean more than anyone will ever know. I have a special paper angel that I put in my tree that my little sister made and that is the most special one. (she was brutally murdered) But really all the ornaments I put on my tree have a meaning or came from an adventure in my life.

I decorate my tree in whites and clear glass. most of my ornaments are snow babies that I make (ceramic) then on some of the glass ornaments they have a touch of color. it is all done with clear lites and it is beautiful... thanks Tracy

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