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December 26, 2008


I think your first anniversary is that you had been in Dawn Stamping Thoughts BLOGS for a year everyday with video, etc. I enjoyed so much. Don't stop. Keep going. Love you, SMILE & HUGS.

didn't really look through the archives, but guessing the newsletter. Hope you had a nice Christmas
B Malek

I guess it's the anniversary of your very first video tutorial. I just love your tutorials, keep up the good work!

This is the anniversary of your first video tutorial. I love your blog. I look at it every day with anticipation and excitement. I hope that I win all these goodies. Ha! Ha!

This is your anniversary as well as mine! One year ago today you posted your first video tutorial and one year ago today I started watching those wonderful videos. Thank you so much for sharing yourself, your family and your talent with us.

it is your first video tutorial. I hope you had a nice Christmas.

Hi there:

It looks like you posted your first video tutorial on this date!! I had no clue what the answer was!! :) LOL I hope you had a blessed Christmas!! ~ Charlene

Hello Dawn! Answer to the question....would it be your very first video tutorial? So glad you started to do those, I check your blog everyday and really enjoy getting new ideas! The goodies today are awesome!!! I have and use everything there, but the white gel pen, but would like to get one. I'm almost out of Dazzling Diamonds (that's almost a crime, right?), could use some more! Have a great day!

Its your anniversary for your very 1st video tutorial. You do a great job with them too. I just started my blog in September. I hope I can keep up with it. Happy Anniversary.
Happy Holidays.

1st aniversary of your first video tutorial:)
Merry christmas and a happy new year to all!!

Hello Dawn, Happy Anniversary and keep those vidoes coming as I start my day visiting your blog. Hope your Christmas was great and I'll check in later, Thanks again.

Wow..my kind of favorite things; adhesives in various forms. Could it be first anniversary for making video tutorials for us all to watch and enjoy.

Hi Dawn! Hope you had a Merry and warm Christmas!! I'm going to guess it's the first anniversary of your video tutorials, too. Take care!

OH, pick me, pick me....I love all of this stuff....and I think your one year anniversary is for the great video tutorials. Hope you had an excellent Christmas and blessings for the coming year to you and your family!

I will go with everyone else and say it is the anniversary of your fabulous tutorials!!! Have a wonderful day guys!!!!

Thanks so much for giving all of us the chance to scoop some loot!



It is your very first video with "Crayon Resist" Yeah Baby! Gotta go get some shopping done with the after Christmas crowd!! Love ya!! Paula in St. Louis

It is the anniversary of your 1st video tutorial. And boy, do I enjoy them! and am grateful for them! You are such a sweetheart to share with us!! Thanks you!!

Your 1st video tutorial?? I love your videos!

Video tutorial anniversary! Wow! I love those tutorials -- thanks for doing them. Happy Boxing day!

I think it is of your first video. I love all your videos and watch them many times over!! Thanks for what you do.

Is it your video tutorials? Anyway, hope you and your family had a great Christmas. I am just about to head out shopping to check out the after Christmas sales with my sister and niece, but had to check in to see what you were doing. Happy Holidays!

It was your first video tutorial. I love your blog! Thank you!!

Happy Anniversary on your first video!!! Please keep them coming; they are the high light of my day.

It is the anniversary of your first video. Karen jones

Hi Dawn
Can Canadians enter? I KNOW it is the anniversary of your FIRST video. Keep them coming, they have helped me so much and I look forward to "Hi Stampers". Blessings to you and yours!

I am quite new at visiting your blog (just a tad over two weeks). After reviewing your blogs and watching your video tutorials which I love, it is your very first Video Tutorial, Crayon Resist that you did a year ago today!! You inspire me!!! Thank you so much for helping us become more creative!!!

Your very fist video tutorial!
Happy Anniversary and keep those videos rolling.
Have a Great Day.

It's your 1st year anniversary for your video tutorials (which I LOVE)...I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your mom and daughter, I also hope your hubby was safe, it must have been hard to have him so far away!!!

Good Morning Dawn!
I am guessing it's your first tutorial video. I'm in a rush to leave, so don't have time to ck the archives. Ü

I would love to be entered to win this prize. I'm headed off with the boys to spend a couple days at my brothers and can check to see if you drew my name. Ü

After a little looking it is your FIRST ANNIVERSARY of your tutorials. "Hello Stampers" lol
Enjoy your blog and thanks for a chance to win some great blog candy!

It's the first anniversary of one of my favorite things about your blog, your video tutorials. Your videos are fabulous and I look forward to your blog every day.

Is it your first video tutorial anniversary?
Hope you had a Great Christmas and hope your mom's
wrist is on the mend now.


Happy Anniversary Dawn on your very first tutorial :)

Some of those items I haven't used until watching one of those fabulous tutorials! Can't wait to see what other creative goodies you come up with :)

Hope you had a great Christmas :)

Theresa (sweet_tree77@hotmail.com)

Hi Dawn!

It's the anniversary of your Video tutorials - which I LOVE!! I watch them many times and am so grateful that you post them for anyone to watch. Praying your mom is getting better and that your hubby is safe.

Off to do some after Christmas shopping!


Yeah!!!!! It's the 1st anniversary of your video tut's!!!

I love all your videos! I have used your creations for inspiration and even copied a few. This includes my Christmas cards this year. When you get a chance later today, checkout my blog because I'm going to post a pic of them. (www.melisas-place.blogspot.com)

Take Care & God Bless!

I would say it is either your tutorials or your scissor charms. I love blog candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Dawn.....thanks for offering this RAK...love it and love what you do...keep up the good work!
MaryB mbeer@riverview.net

Ahh, let's see, your first video tutorial? Hope you had a Merry Christmas!


Keep 'em comin', Dawn :-) It's the anniversary of your first tutorial....and the first time we heard those cheerful words, "Hi Stampers". Happy Anniversary!

Rochelle (rhutzell1@verizon.net)

Your first video tutorial!! Your videos were the reason I started following your blog and signed up for your newsletter1

I think it is your first video allso. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas these goodies are my fav allso!!!! Kim Holochak

It is a since your fist video tutorial.
Dylana (dylana.goatee@yahoo.com)

Well, everyone has already guessed. So, I might as well add to it.. its your videos! You have inspired me so much with your videos! Thank you for doing them!

Hi Dawn, and Merry Christmas. Congratulations on your year anniversary of video tutorials. They are great. Thanks for sharing your talent with us all.


it is your first video tutorial. love watching them thanks for the chance to win

Hello Dawn!
Of course it is your 1st year anniversary for your vidoe tutorials, and I thank God for them ;) I absolutely love what you do, and also just the way you are. Your voice, and your positive being!

Thank you for your videos, Dawn, I hope there will be many more ;)

Best Wishes from The Faroe Islands!

Dawn, you and your wonderful tutorials!! Happy Anniversary and keep them coming, I love EVERYTHING you do!! So kind of you to giveaway your favorite things!! LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

Hi Dawn, I checked your archives and found that it's your first video tutorial anniversary. I love your tutorials and hope that you can keep doing them. I know they are a lot of work and you make it look so easy. Thanks for all you do. It is very much appreciated!

happy anniversary Dawn, and hope to congratulate you on many more video tutorial years to come, I enjoy watching every video you do.

Have a great weekend Liset

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