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November 13, 2008


Morning Dawn!

This is so confusing but it helps...I'm going to make myself a "cheat sheet" to keep on my work desk...thanks for taking the time to explain....Susan

Ahhhhh fractions. I guess if you understand fractions this is easy. I taught them for years. Thankfully I have no problem with this. Thanks for helping those that struggle. :)

You are so funny. I always use my cutter upside down, there is no way I am leaning across the table to get the perfect measurement. My cutter luckily has the 1/8 & 1/16 on it. The bad news is, that is a lot of little lines for my eyes to find. LOL. Love your blog. It makes my day to see how much fun you are having. It gives me inspiration. thank you.

This is great as I struggle with this all the time. I love the cheat sheet idea, now why didn't I think of that handy little helper. You're the best.

Thank you!!!! My husband also bought me a tape measure will all of the lines on it because he got tired of me asking him all of the time. He said that I should have learned that in school but I had no desire to know. It was easier to ask him **LOL**

This is great Dawn!!! Thank you so much, your the greatest!!!

Thanks Dawn. The first time I used the cutter I didn't know that it has an extension (DUH!!!)
This lesson is perfect, my husband will be thrilled because I won't have to ask him again.
have a superb day ;-)

Oh yeah you deserve some TIPS chickie ;-)

thank you thank you thank you I am always having problems with my cutters and most of the time its trial and error playing the guessing game ! I always enjoy visiting your blog and watching your videos you do amazing work have a great day and God Bless

I just love that you cover the stuff I feel too embarassed to ask. THANK YOU

Hi Dawn, thanks that is very helpful.
Hugs, Andrea

Do I feel special ~ I was just telling you I can't read a ruler and here you are helping not only me but others! You are the BOBM!!
Thanks So Much Dawn.

I want to thank you, cause i have learn so much about tutories I found, I would like to distribute this products here in Guatemala, but its not posible.
Lucky de Torres


thanks for the videos. i would like the measurements for the top of the purse vid. how big is it? thanks again.

you guys need to get with the program and go metric - this stuff messes with my head!!

Thank you so much for sharing, that definetely helped. I thought I was the only one that didn't know what a 1/8 & 1/16's measurements were. They should totally teach tape measure class somewhere in school! Thanks again!

Thank you....Thank you....I work in an industry where we measure windows on envelopes all the time. Thank goodness I am not in the quote dept, but now THANKS to your video and explanation I will be able to practice better and reading the ruler. I have searced on line "how to read a ruler" with not any GOOD results, YOURS IS THE BEST...do a U Tube video!

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