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November 21, 2008


Hi Dawn,

Great pic of hubby and daughter thanks for sharing. Enjoy your time together.

Have a wonderful 2 weeks.


YIPPPEEEE HE'S HOME !!!!! I'm thinking you should make a secret hiding place in the basement and then trick him into going in there to get you something and then quick as a bunny lock the door and then he can't leave again. You can feed him through a slot in the door and go in once in awhile to hug him. Whadda think?

I am so glad your hubby is home. Have a wonderful time with him!!! I like Roxy's idea......I need to try that with my hubby next time! LOL!

So happy your hubby is home. Also, thanks for sharing the picture. It is great. Oh, thanks for the video on the envelopes. Love all you do.

Enjoy the time with your husband. Great tip this morning. Thanks for the video, it helps me to see it done.

Dawn: You must be Smiling from ear to ear (and for many reasons......) Enjoy these two weeks with your hubby and daughter (sorry they will pass quickly). I can only image how Thankful your Thanksgiving Dinner celebration will feel this year. Thanks sharing today and we will totally understand if you don't post anything for the next 13 days :-(

So glad to hear your husband arrived safely. What a great Thanksgiving you and your family will enjoy.

Oh Dawn what a great picture of the two of them they both look so happy. I hope you all have the happiest of Thanksgiving and just enjoy every minute that he is home.
I love the idea of lining the envelopes it is such a simple way to take your cards to the next level. Have a wonderful weekend and TFS.

Debbie/Phx AZ
P.S. thank you for the adorable thank you card I love it :-)

Great to see he made it home safely. Tell Richard happy belated 40th bday for me, okay?

Very pretty, love the matching envelopes :)

So glad he's home, enjoy your time together! Wow Jessie is really tall, she's such a cutie, I'm sure she wants to spend lots of time with dad! If she's anything like my Jessica she's daddy's little girl & she's the apple in his eyes!

I'm so happy for you Dawn your hubby is home. It must be hard not having him there on a regular basis. Your daughter certainly is growing up (literally) :) Love the envelope linings! I made my little snowman poop bags like yours and they are sooooo cute!!! TFS

Glad to hear your hubby is back home for Thanksgiving. Love you blog!! Can you tell me how you layered the top note die cut on your card? Did you hand cut the white one to fit inside the red one? Thanks for sharing with us everyday.

Oh, that's Jessie in the picture? I thought it was YOU!
Thanks for the cool idea about lining envelopes! Very very pretty!
Have a great visit! :)

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