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November 30, 2008


"SHOUT TO THE LORD" is one of my favorite songs too!! I so appreciate your Sunday shares. You are a such a blessing to me. Thank you!!
Happy Birthday Jessie!!

Judy Boggs

I so appreciate how you share your faith in your blog and e-mails!

Have a great weekend.

Happy Birthday Jesse
I am sure this is one birthday that you will not forget.

Dawn, Shout to the Lord is one of my all time favorites;especially this version! Thank you for sharing this and your fun pictures and video of the party. What a great idea to use silly string! Gonna keep that in mind for birthdays coming up!

Thanks for sharing the video I needed that today!!!

I totally love the Stazon cleaner, it is amazing! Also, Jessie and I share the same birthdate........well, the month and day LOL
Will be thinking of her tomorrow..........Happy Birthday Jessie!

Shout to the Lord is one of my favorite songs!!! My husband bought me the Worship Cd's from TimeLife and I blare them in my car and sing like crazy =0) I'm sure the people driving around me get a good laugh. Thanks for sharing.

dawn, i love how you always share everything . your a special person.

I was just wondering why you don't just use the stamp and scrub, why the baby wipe??? Jessie's party looked fun!! Oh to be 16 again!!
Might you consider a 411 video on the crop-a-dile??? I can never remember what setting to use!!

What a riot! I loved the silly string!!!!!!
Happy Birthday, Jessie!

Please extend a big happy sweet 16 birthday hug to Jessie for me, okay? Thanks!

Dawn - Thanks for sharing the fun video of Jessie's BD! What fun!

Love the 'Shout to the Lord' video too - one of my favorites.

On the staz-on cleaner:
If you rub the felt tip of the cleaner on a paper towel after each use the black ink will not get on your stamps and the formula flows clearly again.It also prevents you from spreading the black ink from a previous stamp to a new one you are cleaning.
Staz-on cleaner is a bit oily so you may want to make sure the residue is off and your stamp is dry. I blot on a clean paper towel.

Just some try-n-true tidbits.

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