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November 23, 2008


WOW Dawn!!! You had an AWESOME set-up!!! YOU ROCK!! :)
Hope you are having a happy Sunday! Glad that your hubby was able to fix your car

Dawn: AMAZING Video-WOW....Had to watch it TWICE because I was so amazed at how beautiful the music was, but the second time for the beautiful movement of this young man-WOW! Thanks Dawn for sharing with us. Kadie

I am just so happy for you that your hubby is home!! I hope you are enjoying every moment with him...oh, but I know you are.

Congrats on your turn out at the craft show, sounds like things went pretty good for you there, once you got there.

Also, thanks for the great video (as usual). Great song and the young man in that video is talented beyond belief!

THAT was cool. And a reminder that freedom in Christ Jesus does NOT mean we lose always lose the thorn in our side.

I loved the video. I know you are so happy that your hubby is home. Enjoy your time together and have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Sharon C,

Dawn~ you really are selfless to keep posting and sharing when you only have your hubby home for such a short time. WOW! Thanks for the video; sharing pics of your family; and stamping inspirations. You are amazing! MaryJo

Loved all your goodies displayed at the craft fair. So happy for you that you have these special days to share with your hubby. My husband travels a lot and it's a real treat to have him home after a long trip. I noticed on the picture you have CD holders...I don't believe you have shared a video tutorial on the making of one of those...I'd love to see that! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful ideas and tips. Have a great Monday.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Manda Roo, Rich and Shari. It's adorable! XO

Ove the video - I Just Want to Praise You. Great song for Praising our Lord.

One question? Can you share with us the items you made for the craft show? How did it go?

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