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November 09, 2008


What do you mean...your Last Sunday Share? I watch your Sunday shares over and over. They are wonderful! I surely hope that you didn't mean to put the word "last" in there. :)

Thanks for sharing that video.It was so funny. I sat here laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face. The original was a song from my high school days. Have a great day!

Dawn: Just had to watch the video (even though going in I knew I didn't like rap).....and....I'm SO GLAD I watched it. Great message with a fantastic SPIN. Thanks for sharing this amazing video with us. Kadie

Hi Dawn!

Thanks so much for sharing this video with us! I really enjoyed it and thought they did an awesome job with the lyrics and video! I also think music videos like this are a great way to get the Word out to kids! Kudos to those who made this!

Hi Dawn,
LOVE the video. My son listens to rap, and sometimes its just the words that makes me not like it. I can't wait for him to hear this one.
Thank you,

That video was great!! Really made me smile this morning! The bookmarks are cute too! Thanks for sharing!

Where did you find that video? I have to admit I do like the "beat" of rap, but not the message they are sending.
Thanks for sharing that fun video & your bookmarks. Those will be bought up like hot cakes!
Stampin' Smiles from Ear to Ear,
Ann :)

Hi Dawn! I got hooked on your blog through Corrinne and love it! I especially love how you unashamedly share your faith. Amen sister! Loved the video this morning. What part of Detroit are you in? I used to live in Royal Oak and Dearborn, but we're here in London now. Blessings.

Thank you for sharing this video, I laughed so hard I cried. I know the origional and this guy did a great job! He did a lot of work! I forwarded it to my youth pastor because I am sure the kids would love to see it if they haven't already.

LOL! I remember this song from my late teens. This is hysterical - but what an awesome message. I have to laugh at the "NIV with the ribbon bookmark." I recently got a new NIV Bible that's pink and chocolate leather-ish with a pink ribbon bookmark.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Sunday shares I look forward to them every week! It's nice to see you spreading the message and with a sense of humor! :)

The bookmarks are adorable! I love that sentiment!!

Thanks again and have a blessed week!


I just LOVE this video! I had my husband watch it and he loves it too so we forwarded it to just about everyone we have email addresses to! Then he posted it on his blog and facebook page! What awesome, God inspired creativity! Thank you so much for sharing this!

kowalkerjourney.com ~ so you can see it on my husbands blog too! He mentions your site on there! ;)

Thank you again, bless you
and keep up the good work!

Love, Amanda

this video is funny, I saw it at our church.

Thanks for sharing this "classic" tune. This version is way better than the original!

I LOVE your Sunday shares and I'm going to miss them!!!! Thanks for this one, it was GREAT and I will be passing it on :)

I'm new to your site. What a wonderful surprise to see this video. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

Just watched your video,it was really awesome,I get your emails all of the time and really enjoy them.God bless you and yours.

Dawn..i enjoy your blog and how your creativity is so awesome..you crack me up when you write about your daily life..TFAS...you are the best...

Dawn -

Love this video! I have played it over and over this morning, and just danced and danced in my kitchen. I love it so much that I have forwarded the link to our Youth Minister.

Thanks so much for sharing!

OH MY GOODNESS!- I love this- I have to figure ot how to put this on my blog????

Dawn I'm Glad you found this and shared it. For those of you who posted that you didn't like rap lyrics you're not along but...There's some great chrisitian rap and the words are powerful.To start check out "13letters" a compilation of 13 songs based on the 13 letters Paul wrote after his conversion each done by different rap artists. "The lyrics in this album are an attempt to bring God's word to life. This is a resource to help you learn, not to replace your study of God's perfect word. 2Tim. 3:16. Each artist has carefully crafted their song based on intense and thorough Bible study and believe that Scripture is the absolute truth. They encourage each of you to faithfully study your Word with humility in a community of believers, relying on the Holy Spirist to bring change to your heart."
Christmas is coming so if your kid likes Rap consider giving them this for a start. My DD likes christian rap so let me know if you need more recommendations. "happy stamping"

Love that video, the original song came out when I was in high school so I remember it well. Thanks for sharing!

They are SO adorable!! Hope the craft sale goes super!!:)

I am happy to have trusted you that this was worth it! So worth it, I am going to share it with some of my teen sisters at church. It is so true. Thanks for the laugh and the encouragement!

lol loved the video, ts just so wrong and yet so right!!

Thank you, thank you for the laugh of the day. My son who is 11 just didn't get it because he doesn't know the original song. He loves Cletis Take the Reel and others like it. I love the change of song and think it is just great. I laughed and laughed. Thanks again Darcey

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