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October 28, 2008


Darling cards! Wow...you could make just about anything with that technique....love em!

Oh my gosh!!! Wow! These are incredible. You are one very talented lady (Dawn too!!). Thanks for sharing!!!

FANTASTIC cards Debbie - so creative!!! Thank you, Dawn, for sharing them with us :)

I LOVE the cards. I am going to make the turkey for place cards for Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing your great idea.

Those cards are SO STINKIN' CUTE! TFS, Debbie 'n Dawn!

These are too fun and will bring a smile to a lot of peoples faces.
Thanks Debbie!!!

I was wondering why you were looking for her last week. Now I can see why!
These are adorable... totally awesome! Great job, Debbie and thank you Dawn for sharing and making me smile this morning!

These are sooooooo cute. Amazing what you can do with the punches!!! TFS

Nice job Debbie
Those are adorable ..could you post the dimensions??

Does Debbie have a blog or a gallery to view?

Debbie, Those are awesome cards. I love them.

Dawn, Thanks for sharing them with us. I love visiting your blog every morning and see the great work you do.


I am making the snow man card at my first club meeting this weekend! That's how cute and easy these cards are----now I am torn....these two are just a kick in the pants! Thanks!

They are beyond adorable! You did a great job! I wish I could make some that cute!

These are just too cute for words. Now we need the instructions on how to make them for ourselves.

holy dinah!!!!! these cards are so cute!!!!

Oh, my gosh! I absolutely love these. Can't wait to play with my punches.

Hi--YES I aggree these are so darn CUTE!!! I would love to visit her website or blog and check out her ideas just like I visit Dawn's everyday also--so please post her e-mail, blog or website info if it's OKAY with Debbie...I'm sure many others would love it also...Both of you Dawn and Debbie are GREAT!!

Debbie, Very cute guys. I would love to see more of your work too. Please post your blog or website so we can view all of your cute ideas. Thanks for making me chuckle today.
Debi Pippin

These cards are so cute! Debbie, you did a great job! Thanks for letting Dawn share them with us!

WOW! Thanks to Debbie and Dawn!!!

You're right Dawn- these cards are stinkin' cute! Love them!

Wow! These are great and thank you for sharing them Dawn.

Debbie - these cards are so cute! I can see why Dawn was looking for you! Thanks for sharing these with us Dawn!

These are way to cute,Love to see how she made these Thanks Kim

These are so cute and creative. Looks like these will be on my list of projects to create.
Thanks for sharing.

Yes Debbie, DO start a blog. Then we can all check yours and Dawn's daily! So CUTE!

OMG!! I'M GUSHING! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these cards. I think you need to add a section on your blog for all of these ADORABLE punchy friends!!!! I stand in AWE of BOTH of your incredible talent!! TFS! Mary

Just Too CUTE! Love them and love that Debbie shared with you and you with us!

hi everyone thankyou so much for all your comments i only have like three punches the turkey is just like snowman only you have handcut the nose bigger and the waddle by freehand
the scarecrow the hat is freehand and so is the hair all else is like snowman again thanks a bunch maybe i will try a blog soon will think about it debbie my email is [email protected]

oh dawn
thankou so much,i just love you girl you are just the sweetest person, i love your site and all you do. god bless you debbie

Debbie -- I'm trying to think of another word for "cute", but that seems like exactly the right word! How kind of you to send them to Dawn.

Dawn -- Thanks for tracking Debbie down and sharing her work with us.

Love these adorable cards!!! Thanks Debra for making them and thanks Dawn for sharing them with all of us!!

Wow!! These cards are so darn cute and creative. Keep it up!!

Absolutely adorable--I've got to make them!

How cute! Debbie, these are wonderful. Dawn, you have got to do a video on these.

Wow! Debbie these are awesome--You are way toooo creative! Keep up the great work and thank you so much for sharing!

Those are the cutest fall/autumn cards I have seen!!! You did a wonderful job! Thanks Dawn for sharing with us. I also wanted to let you know Dawn that I check your blog each day as well, you have inspired me to get to my stampin up stamps again and even think about selling them, well Thinking is the key word here :o) have to pay some things off first! So I check your blog in the mornings then I go to work, come home go to school, then I play with inspiration I got from your blog! Thanks Dawn!!!

These are AWESOME! I would love to see more! God gave you a talent and you should use it to teach others! hint... I view this sight daily as well and I would view yours as well! God bless you girls:0)

What cute cards! Do you have a blog for her? I would like to see Debbie's other projects

Debbie your cards are just wonderful! They make my heart smile just to see them. Thank you for sharing them, Dawn. I love your site, Dawn and I've started visiting every single day because of the wonderful ray of light you are. Your upbeat spirit is one of the highlights of my day! Thank you so much.

Debbie these cards are just too, too cute and very clever. Thank you so much for allowing Dawn to share these with us on her blog.
Just a little push in the blog direction. I had been very, very resistant to creating and starting my own blog. Well my 17 dd kept on me and then she even went ahead and set it up for me. Well I must tell you I LOVE it.
If you need any help or more encouragment feel free to contact me at:

[email protected]

With talent likes yours you should be sharing. Good luck.

Debbie/Phx AZ

Wow! so cute! and for sure she need a blog to share her beautiful creations, that talent have to be show up! that cards Made me smile. Made me think. Made me want to get out there and live and dance and create.
hugs Angie

Soooo cute!! I can't get over that turkey card! how adorable would that be on a Thanksgiving table??!!Debbie you really need a blog to share your awesome creations on! Please let Dawn know if you decide to create a blog so she can pass the word on! :)

ohhhhh and ahhhhhhh, love them, what a cute couple. Great job Debbie!! Thanks for sharing Dawn, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

I love the cards - the turkey is my favorite. Thanks for sending to Dawn so she could share with us.

So creative. Very very cute!


Debbie: Love the cards! SOOO CUTE!

Dawn: Thanks for your blog. I check on you everyday.

Debbie these are so stinkin cute!!! I will definitely be casing them!!! Thanks for sharing them with Dawn & letting her share with us.


Tut!Tut!!! Dawn please break it down for those of us who love your wonderful step by step tutorials. Thanks for sharing Debbie :)

I absolutely love them. I have been hoping and wishing Dawn would do something exactly like them for Thanksgiving as a follow up to frankie.
Thanks, Lora

Oh my gosh these cards are adorable and awesome! Can we get the supplies list to make these, pretty please!! :o)

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