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September 07, 2008


What an amazing testimony to His amazing grace. Thanks for sharing the cardboard testimony video.

Dawn: AMAZING Video-Well Worth the Watch. Now I need to go wipe the tears from my eyes....wow! How powerful was that? Thank You for sharing this cardboard video with us.

And by the way.......your joke-TOO CUTE! Save on Girlfriend. Kadie

Thanks for sharing Dawn. I have a video on my blog too. Click on the tab Faith Journey.
I love the cards!!!! SO many talented people. The computer story is a hoot! I had to share that with just about everybody! Have a blessed Sunday.

I love the computer joke, it made both me and my dh smile!

Dawn, I love, love, love, that video. I will have to post that link on my blog. You just love making me cry on Sunday mornings. :-) I love the joke as well. It is very funny and soooo very true. Thank you again for posting such uplifting information just when I need it.

Thanks for sharing this link, absolutely wonderful.Everyone does have a story,Thanks

thanks for sharing the Cardboard Testimonies -- and thank you for being faithful!

I loved that joke. I'm definitely going to share that with my peeps. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing that video. My son has been homeless, has a fight with addiction to drugs - seeing this makes me hopeful that mabye with Jesus he will eventually heal.

The joke was cute, but as for the video, I'm still wiping away the tears. It makes you want to cry and smile at the same time.

LOVE the joke...gonna check out the video now. Good for you with all of those goodies!

Ohhh myyyy goodness! What an awesome testimony to God's grace and love!! THANK YOU for sharing! It totally made my night!

Love the joke, I needed that today. Thanks & Hugs, Sharon

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantastic goodies and cute joke too!!

WOW - powerful video. Thanks for sharing - looooove your blog! I have learned so much from your sharing.

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