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September 28, 2008


Gotta tell you Dawn when my pup hears your voice he comes running over to sit on my lap and watch you ...when you sign off he gets down! LOL
He loves your voice so less music more Dawn....
thank you for all the shares videos cards and projects you are soooo generous with your tips and it is sooo appreciated.D

When your Glitter Queens said you were their favorite part of Stampin' Up!, that is so cool. Chronically grumpy people like me need people like you who laugh often and love much, because when we do more of that we live well! Thanks - I try not to miss a day of your blog posts because of your upbeat attitude. I hope someday my Stamp Clubbers will say that about me - maybe!

Thanks, Peg

It’s about 10.20 pm now in Italy. Ten minutes ago, while I was reading this post, my 4-years-old boy, who was supposed to be sleeping, came in the dining room. As soon as he saw your homepage (he recognizes it from the colors…) he went “Voglio vedere Hi stampers!” (=I want to watch Hi stampers). “Hi stampers” are the only words he can say in english, and he knows the meaning as well… It took me a while to convince him to go to bed. Thanks Dawn for your intercontinental creativity and smile! LOL

WOW Skillet playing in the background how cool is that???? They are from where I am and a great group of people!! You guys are having so much fun! Wish you were closer!

My two year old little boy ask me to let him watch "Hi Stampers" and once the video is over he will ask to watch Hi Stampers again.

Do you make house calls?

I loved the Glitter Queens video, Dawn! Thanks for sharing part of your evening with us. I take it you were at church? If that is your basement at home...I am moving in!
My 9 yr old also loves your videos. He wants to make the frog from the punches.
My favorite SU! product is the ink.
My favorite thing about SU! is the sharing of creativity...cuz I got none!

Dawn, thanks for sharing your Glitter Queen evening with us!! My 13 yr old son always loves to hear you with your friendly voice. He'll ask me are you watching your friend again? He thinks that it is so cool that there are so many stampers that love Jesus! I do consider you a sis in Christ and friend I hope to meet some day, Heh WI isn't that far from you ;)! Thanks for all of your inspiration!! Nancy Koskovich and son Caleb!!!

That was too fun! How sweet of your gals to say you are their most favoriteous thing from SU! You are quite the special lady I must say! I'm so glad you have come into my life via your blog. OK, that sounds very techno geeky doesn't. You always brighten my day whenever I visit your blog! I'm always giggling & smiling when I pull up your blog. It would be a wonderbar time if we could ever get together!
Stampers rule!
Stampin' Smiles from Ear to Ear,
Ann :)

i have shared in previous comments about your videos, but i feel the need to share again. no cute stories to tell, we dont have a dog AND our kids are grown. but now i have my husbands ear trained so that when he hears your video, he has to come into the room and make a (usually sweet) comment. personally i just love the sound of your voice, i dont know what it is exactly ... i think it is said in such a way that it sounds like something VERY FUN is about to be shared with me. i find it soothing ... comforting ... i can hardly wait to hear what you have to say. and i love your little sign-off. so i am glad to hear i am not the only one who enjoys your videos beyond the great instructions!!!
thanks soooooo much!!
jo ann.

Guess what....YOU'RE MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT STAMPIN" UP TOO !!!!!! I love you, sweetie !!!!

Amazing, I was the last one and didn't see or hear all of the others that went before me, but had almost the same answers. LOL!

I had such a great time at the camp and can't wait until our club meeting in 2 weeks! YIPEEE!!!!!!

Oh, and one more thing:

Luv Ya!

Gosh....where do I start? Since discovering your blog a few months ago, I visit daily. I have a list of blogs I click and some rarely update. I know I can count on you to have something good DAILY! It's like my stampin' vitamin. LOL I, too, crack up when you say "Hi Stampers" and then at the end you say "Ok thanks bye" or "see you later bye". I see your picture on the upper left of your blog page and I recognize your voice, but would love to see at least one video of you talking to the camera. That way we can put the expression with how you actually say it. Your tutorials are awesome and your love for Christ and your family are so very refreshing. I have been thinking for days on that one video drama with the girl being pulled between Christ and Satan. I feel like some days! Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work. Now,go make a video that shows your spunky personality with all your cute voices and facial expressions. :)

hello dawn, I just love your blog and I just got done watching the video of you and your friends and i love it. i love all your videos as they are so creative. it is the blog i go to as you are amzing. I love stampin up also. my favoretie product is is the punches as you can make alot from them even take them and mae many more things from them. it is amazing what one can do from punches. my favorite is what you can make out of just stamps and paper. it is amazing what you can do. many thaks again for all that you do and hoping you keep up the great work. hoping you show more of the girls also as that was so great to see them also.

Ditto all of the comments above...I check your blog most every day, too! I have 17 year old boy who does his homework near my computer. Now, since he's heard "Hi Stampers" so much, sometimes I click on a video just to get him to look up, roll his eyes (like 17 year olds do!)and then give a big smile! Thank you for all of your ideas...I feel like I know you and I pray for your husband in Iraq! You're a doll!

My daughter is 9 now but for the past 4 years she has been watching your videos and will pause the video to write down the directions and she loves, loves, loves you!!!

My son is 4 now but he has been in my lap since he was born watching your videos. He says Hi, Stampers! with you and he picks which videos to watch. He wants to watch them again and again and when you say Bye at the end he tells you bye and waves.

When you had left a message on my answering machine, the kids eyes got big and their mouths flew open...then they screamed! You are totally a super star in our house!!!!

Love you, Dawn!!!! Thanks for making my family so happy!

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