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September 21, 2008


This brought tears! What a realistic portrayal of life and how much we need Jesus! Thank you!

Wow Dawn! How sobering! I can't even say anything about your craft today because this was that good! Thank you for sharing this....my teenager needs this as much as I do!!!! Wow!

I {{{{{{HEART}}}} this video I had seen this before and it was hmm I'm going to say like 2 mths ago.. I had been praying and was talking to our Lord and was feeling down and then my friend sent me an email and guess what it was.. THIS VIDEO.. (see I'm tearing up again) I just was in tears because what I have learned the past 2 1/2 years is that our Lord talks to us if we just take the time to listen to his whispers and this video was a little message sent to say Ellie I am right here and I am with you... Hmm and again I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with things going about.. and I come over to see your Sunday share... and look what is here...:) PRAISE HIM.. hmmm

I have seen this video before and it SO moving. Thanks for sharing it.

Thank you so much for this video! Brought me to tears! Even though I am down and out about things, I can rest assured that God will always be there for me! Even when I turn from him, He never lets go and never gives up on me! Wake up call for me! Thanks again!

I'm a bit speechless as this video was so moving. Thanks for sharing! God is incredible!

That video was so moving and inspiring. I am crying as I type. WOW!! TFS

Great video Dawn. I cry everytime I see it! Have a blessed Sunday!

Wow! This brought tears to my eyes, too. This is a very powerful and moving video. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Dawn what a moving video. It made me realize just what the world to really like. Thanks for sharing

Love it!

Dawn you have touched me deep into the core of my spirit today. This is one of the most POWERFUL videos I have seen in a long time. I can not tell you how timely this is for me. Thank you thank you for sharing your strong faith and wonderful talents with us. May God bless you and keep you in the Light of the Holy Spirit.

Your Friend in Christ,

Debbie/Phx AZ

Add me to the tears club...what a powerful representation of how He is here for us, even when we forget He is there. Have a Blessed Sunday!

Dawn, I'm one of your avid fans but doesn't normally leave messages on blogs. But the video have affected me. I got choked as tears streaming down my face. God bless your heart for sharing this to us.

Thanks for posting such an awesome reminder of Who truly cares for us! God is so good, even when we stray he is waiting for us with open arms! I haven't blog surfed in a while but it's no coincidence that I did today! HIS timing is perfect!!!

Thank you for blessing my life in this way...on this day, Dawn.

I wanted to let you know that I tagged you today on my blog. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas!


HI, Dawn, This video was sent a God send this morning. I had just done something minutes before that I knew I shouldn't. Sat down at the computer thinking how many times are going to let that sin in your life. Watching that video was just what I needed. Sin and evil are so strong, but with God you can overcome anything. I think I sometime under estimate the power of sin and feel bad when I do something wrong, but this video just filled my heart with joy and hope, knowing that God knows what a battle it is and he is still here with me. With him I will overcome. Thanks Dawn!

Hi Dawn - just got a chance today to check your blog for all the goodies you always share and WOW this was amazing! Thank you!! (and for the punch-tutorials and the DP bag - going to the Post Office now! hehe)

Thanks for sharing. It's an awesome video. It brought me to tears. Our God is an awesome God and always there for us.

So powerful, awesome, as tears run down my cheeks.

I do love this video! Our Church had 30 people go on a mission trip to Mexico this summer & they had 2 groups who practiced this skit & performed it down there. The Sunday before they left, they did it in Church & there wasn't a dry eye in the place! It's so powerful & a wonderful depiction of Jesus' Love for us who are so undeserving!

I am new to your blog and I just love it. Today's video was absolutely amazing. I loved it so much I posted it on my blog also. And thank you for sharing GodTube...I had never heard of it before. Very cool. Thank you for your wonderful spirit.

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